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Céline Dion is born on March 30, 1968 in Le Gardeur Hospital in Repentigny. Her family lives in the city of Charlemagne, Quebec. It is a song by French author-compositor-singer Hugues Aufray entitled Céline that inspired Thérèse and Adhémar Dion to name their daughter Céline.
The youngest of fourteen children and coming from a very musical family, Céline's brothers and sisters soon discover that some notes make Céline cry.
On August 18, 1973, Céline sings Du fil, des aiguilles et du coton, for the first time in public at her brother Michel's marriage.
Furthermore, Céline listens to the members of her family singing and playing music at the Vieux Baril, an inn belonging to her father and her sister Claudette. Occasionally, Céline also sings at the Vieux Baril and captivates the public with her voice. Appreciated a lot by the customers who fill the restaurant, Céline accepts politely the special demands and the applausses reserved for her.


An demo tape recorded when she was twelve falls in the hands of a manager, René Angélil. The audio tape includes the song Ce n'était qu'un rêve, written by Thérèse Céline's mother, her brother Jacques and Céline herself. At once, René is taken by the magnificent voice and a little time after he mortgages his house in order to finance the recording of Céline's very first album, La Voix Du Bon Dieu. The first extract of the album is Ce n'était qu'un rêve.
On June 19, Céline makes her first broadcast appearance. She sings to what is in the time a very popular french canadian broadcast animated by Michel Jasmin. Céline is fairly serious before the recording, but after some notes of Ce n'était qu'un rêve, she feels already comfortable.
Early in December, a Christmas album is aired, Céline Dion chante Noël.
La voix du Bon Dieu


In Fall, Céline already releases a new album, Tellement J'ai D'Amour...
On October 31, she wins the Golden Medal in the category Better song with Tellement j'ai d'amour pour toi at the Yamaha World Popular Song Festival. It is the first time that Céline sings in front of an international public.
Tellement j'ai d'amour...


On January 24, Céline is chosen to represent Canada with D'amour ou d'amitié, as revelation of the year at the International Market of the Disk and the Musical Publishing (MIDEM) in Cannes.
On January 29, Céline participates in Michel Drucker's broadcast, 'Champs-Elysées' in Paris. Michel presents her in these words: "Ladies and Gentlemen, you'll never forget the voice you're about to hear. Remember this name: Céline Dion!". She sings there D'amour ou d'amitié.
She releases in France, the compilation album Du Soleil Au Coeur and registers two broadcasts: 'Les jeux de 20:00' and 'Croque-vacances'; in the second, she performs L'amour viendra.
On September 1, she becomes the first Canadian to receive a Golden Disc in France with her song D’amour ou d’amitié, sold to more than 700,000 copies.
She releases a 4th french canadian album, Les Chemins De Ma Maison.
In September, Céline sings at the inauguration of the Theater Félix-Leclerc. Félix Leclerc, who died afterward, is present during the event, and Céline performs his famous song Bozo.
At the gala of the Association of the Disc and the Industry of French Canadian Show (ADISQ), she wins her first four awards Félix.
Later in the year, she releases a second Christmas album, Chants Et Contes de Noël.
Du soleil au coeur Les chemins de ma maison


In August, Céline sings in front of several dozens thousand persons at the Vieux-Ports in Montréal and in Québec to celebrate the 450th anniversary of the discovery of Canada by Jacques Cartier.
Later in August, she releases the album Mélanie.
On September 11, she sings Une colombe for the Pope John-Paul II and thousands of people at the Olympic Stadium in Montréal.
On September 17, she releases, in the hospital for children Sainte-Justine in Montréal, the compilation album Les Plus Grands Succès De Céline Dion.
She wins at the ADISQ two others Félix.
She releases as well a new album, Les Oiseaux Du Bonheur
From November 6 till December 9, in Paris, Céline performs during five weeks at the Olympia in first part of the humorist Patrick Sébastien. Her show included a fancy-dress ball with the cooperation of the public, for which Céline disguised as dancer of flamenco.
  Les oiseaux du bonheur


Earler in the year, Céline makes a first french canadian tour which leads her to the Place des Arts (Montréal).
Later in the summer, she releases her 8th french canadian album, C'est Pour Toi.
In autumn, Céline wins five Félix, at the gala of the ADISQ in Québec.
In December, is released the first album 'live' Céline Dion En Concert recorded on May 31 on the Place des Arts during her tour.
C'est pour toi


Céline takes a break for 18 months.
Céline gets ready for her international career by taking English intensive courses at the Berlitz school in Montreal.


On April 2, Céline releases the album Incognito.
During summer, Céline sings at the annual congress of CBS Canada in the Estérel, a big hotel situated in Laurentides, in the North of Montréal. Besides three foreseen songs, she sings Can't we try in duet with Dan Hill.
In autumn, Céline participates for the first time in the ceremony of the Junos in Toronto and sings Have a heart.


On April 30, Céline wins Eurovision contest in Dublin, Irlande, with the song Ne partez pas sans moi. Céline represented Switzerland for the contest.
In May, she begins a lightning tour in Europe.
She wins again 4 awards Félix at the gala of the ADISQ.


She begins the recording of her first English album Unison which will last more than year.


On April 2, Céline releases her first album in English, Unison, an audacious declaration of musical independence, is worth to the singer her breakthrough in the United States with the song Where does my heart beat now, which will appear in the Top 5.
A bit further, Céline begins the shooting of a french canadian series 'Des Fleurs Sur La Neige'.
Later in the year, Céline begins a tour for Unison. It is in this tour that for the first time she breaks her voice by singing.
In Quebec, the gala of the ADISQ awards her the Félix of the English-speaking artist of the year. Céline refuses the award by evoking that she will always remain French-speaking.
On September 21, she participates for the first time in the American broadcast Jay Leno's 'Tonight Show' with Phil Collins.
She participates too for the first time in 'Late Show'.


On March 3, the Gala of the Juno honors Céline of the awards Juno of the feminine interpreter of the year and awards to Unison Juno of the album of the year. So, for the first time in the history of the Junos, a French-canadian artist receives the biggest honors in these categories.
On March 9, the series 'Des Fleurs Sur La Neige' is diffused in Quebec.
She is invited to hand an award to American Music Awards (AMA).
On June 19, Céline celebrates her ten years in the world of the spectacle with a Canadian tour sold out, with a concert accompanied by the Metropolitan Symphony orchestra in the Forum of Montreal being able to welcome 16,000 spectators, as well as a presentation, on October 29 in Ottawa, in the National Centre of the Arts at request of Prince Charles and of Princess Diana of England.
In autumn, Céline releases Dion chante Plamondon. Céline performs the lyrics of very famous French-canadian composer-songwriter, Luc Plamondon there.
In October, Céline receives another Félix and special price of the Union of the Artists, to underline her international success and her reconciliation with the ADISQ.
Dion chante Plamondon (Canada) Des mots qui sonnent (France)


On March 29, Céline is again crowned Feminine Interpreter of the year in the gala of the Juno.
On March 30, the recording with Peabo Bryson of the theme song from 'Beauty and the Beast', receives an Oscar for the Best Original Song of Film. Céline and Peabo perform Beauty and the Beast during this evening.
On March 31, Céline takes out her second English album, Celine Dion.
On May 14, she receives the first one World Music Award, in Monte Carlo, as Canadian feminine interpreter having sold most albums.
On July 1, day of the national holiday of Canada, Céline Dion sings for the International Exhibition to the Canadian Pavilion in Seville, Spain.
On July 13, in Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, she begins her first American tour of concerts in Michael Bolton's first part for some 25 spectacles of his tour 'Time, Love and Tenderness'. Céline's performance, writes The Hollywood Reporter, "could make only the banner headlines - Céline Dion demonstrated the style and the grace of an accomplished professional, while keeping the enthusiasm of his youth."
The ADISQ awards her 2 Félix.


The album Céline Dion remains all year long in Billboard of the best pop albums with the four big hits Beauty and the Beast (#9), If You Asked Me To (#4), Nothing Broken But My Heart (#29) and Love Can Move Mountains (#36).
On January 19, Céline sings Love can move mountains for Bill Clinton's investiture ceremony, in Kennedy Center in Washington.
On January 27, during the evening of American Music Awards, she sings Beauty and the Beast with Peabo Bryson.
On February 25, during the 35th Gala of Grammy Awards, Beauty and the Beast receives the award of the Best Vocal Performance of the year, category duet.
On March 21, Céline receives four Prizes Juno among which those of the Feminine Interpreter of the year, for the third consecutive year, and of the Single of the year for Beauty and the Beast.
On April 2, Céline begins a triumphant tour through Canada, with five spectacles sold out in the forum of Montreal.
In July, with an entry to Hot 100, When I Fall In Love becomes another duet with success for Céline, then associated to the English singer Clive Griffin. The broadcasting of the extract When I Fall In Love serves as real springboard to the triple certification platinum of the soundtrack Epic of the film 'Sleepless In Seattle'. This song is later in the Gala of Grammy Awards for the Best Vocal Performance of the year, category duet.
On November 8, Céline's The Colour Of My Love album is released.


On February 12, the song The Power Of Love takes the first position to Hot 100 during four consecutive weeks. The album and the song are certified Golden.
In April, the hit The Power Of Love is certified Platinum and The Colour Of My Love, double Platinum. Since, the album was certified triple Platinum in the United States.
On June 8, in Dallas, Céline meets Michael Bolton for the second summer tour of concerts which is crowned with an immense success through North America.
In June, Misled becomes Céline's first song to be classified at the head of Billboard in the category 'Dance'.
In the gala of Juno, Céline receives the awards of the feminine interpreter of the year for the fourth consecutive year.
In September, she gives a series of concerts at the Olympia in Paris.
She wins three Félix in the gala of the ADISQ with the feminine interpreter of the year.
In November, Céline begins the recording of her album D'Eux.
In December, the album 'live' Céline Dion A L'Olympia is released.
On December 17, Céline Dion and René Angélil get married in the Basilica Notre-Dame of Montreal.


On January 6, 1995, in the 37th Gala of Grammy Awards, The Power Of Love is nominated for the Best Feminine Vocal Performance, category pop music.
In January, Think Twice raises in first position on palmares in Great Britain. To date, Céline is the only feminine artist to have remained during five consecutive weeks at the head of the British palmares. It is also one of four singers of all the history of the music in Great Britain to have sold more than a million copies of the same extract. Afterward, Think Twice have a success ringing everywhere in Europe and in Australia. The album was sold to more than four million copies in Europe, and obtained eight times the certification Platinum in Australia.
In Japan, The Colour Of My Love reaches the sold million copies. Céline became not only the foreign artist having sold most albums but also the first non-Japanese interpreter, in 12 years, to take the first position to the national palmares.
In her native Canada where the disc was sold to 1.4 million copies, Céline receives Artist having sold most albums title.
On March 30, French album D'Eux (entitled The French Album for the American release), written and produced by Jean-Jacques Goldman, is sold to more than 5 million copies worldwide (3 million copies in France, 500 000 in Canada and 200 000 in Great Britain). D'Eux becomes the first album French-speaking to be guaranteed Golden in Great Britain.
Céline wins three Félix in the official reception of the ADISQ thanks to her album D'Eux.
During her tour in Europe, Céline crosses 11 countries and gives 42 concerts sold out, among which 9 in Paris - most in rooms of at least 14 000 notably place the Zénith of Paris in October. It is during one of the spectacles in the Zénith that Céline breaks her voice for the 2nd time.


On January 22, the French government hands to Céline the prestigious Medal of Arts and Letters, rewarding her for having become the French-speaking artist detaining the absolute record of sold discs.
On February 12, Céline receives in France two Victoires de la Musique (Better Song of the year Pour que tu m'aimes encore and Artist French-speaking Interpreter).
In March, her album Falling Into You confirms one brilliant career and reveals the range of her interpreter talents.
Since its release, the album Falling Into You confirmes Céline's status to the rank of the first pop stars in the world. The album was classified in the Top 10 of each of the main countries and reached the #1 in several markets-keys such as the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Holland, Norway and more particularly the United States.
Benefiting of Céline's world tour sold out which began in March, 1996 to continue until April, 1997, the album Falling Into You surpassed all the previous sales and all the hits won in the brilliant career of the singer.
On July 19, the event which doubtless crowned Céline's career is her participation in the Opening ceremonies of the 100th Olympic Games in Atlanta. In front of more than 3.5 billion televiewers, Céline performs the hymn of the opening ceremonies title The Power Of The Dream. This eminent honoring to the athletes, written by David Foster, Kenny "Babyface" Edmond and Linda Thompson, quickly becomes the theme song of the Games.
Falling into you


On February 26, at the 39th ceremony of Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Falling Into You wins the prize of Better Pop Album and Album of the year. Because You Loved Me is indicated Better Written Song Specially for Film or Television.
On March 24, at the Oscars, besides singing Because you loved me, Céline sings Barbra Streisand's I finally found someone.
On April 17, at the World Music Awards in Monaco, Céline wins three awards.
On May 21, Céline makes an appearance in an episode of 'The Nanny'. The scene takes place in Londre, England.
November 18 marks the release of Let's Talk About Love. The song Tell Him allows to Céline to sing in duet with her idol, Barbra Streisand as well as with Luciano Pavarotti, Carole King, Bee Gees and Sir George Martin.
In its first month of sale, Let Talk About Love is sold to more than twelve million copies.
On December 19, James Cameron's historic film 'Titanic' released in cinema becomes, in the space of some months, the most lucrative film of all the times. Céline had the honor to be connected to this production, by singing the unforgetable theme song My Heart Will Go On. The film 'Titanic' receives later a quantity of Oscar. My Heart Will Go On, interpreted by Céline at the Presentation of the Prices, receives the prize of the Better Original Song, what establishes the final touch of another unforgetable year for Céline.
Let's Talk About Love


On March 23, at the Oscars, Céline wins an Oscar in the category Better original song. She sings the winning song My heart will go on.
On April 30, Céline receives officer of the order of Quebec title.
On May 1, she receives the same distinction of the order of Canada.
On September 8, a new French album S'il Suffisait D'Aimer, recorded in February, 1998, releases worldwide. The first song to be diffused on the radio Zora Sourit receives an excellent reception.
On November 3, Céline releases as well a Christmas album These Are Special Times including ten carols.
 (Credit: )S'il suffisait d'aimer These are special times


After the end of the American part of her Let's Talk About Love tour, Céline follows with her first visit in Hong-Kong in January and in three cities of Japan in February. Her tour restarts in North America for concerts in sixteen other States and some special appearances in the Center Air Canada in Toronto, in Montreal and in Quebec. Céline pursues her tour through more than eleven countries in June and July (Germany, Sweden, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, England and Scotland).
On March 30, Céline learns René's cancer, questioning all their projects.
On June 19 and 20, Céline performs two consecutive evenings at the Stage of France in front of 90000 spectators per evening.
On September 3, album 'live' Au Coeur Du Stade goes out and is guaranteed platinum in France as well as the video and the DVD.
On November 16, before taking a break for a little while, Céline offers us a new album All the Way... A Decade of Song.
On December 31, to end his twenty years of career, Céline Dion gives an ultimate concert in Montreal.
 Au coeur du stade


On January 5, Céline Dion and René Angélil remarry in Caesars Palace, in Las Vegas.
On June 9, Céline announces in the whole world that she is pregnant.
On October 24, the compilation album The Collector's Series Vol. 1 is released in North America.
On October 31, the same album releases in Europe under the title of Tout En Amour.
The collector's series vol. 1 / Tout en amour


On January 25, Céline delivers to her first boy, René-Charles in West Palm Beach, Florida.
On July 25, René-Charles is baptized in the Basilica Notre-Dame of Montreal.
On September 21, Céline sings God bless America at the American telethon 'To Tribute To Heroes' in New York.
September 28, Céline sings L'amour existe encore at the french canadian telethon 'Un show pour la vie' in Montreal.
On October 16, a studio version of God bless America is released in North America.
On October 28, Céline makes an surprise appearance in the gala of the ADISQ and sings Sous le vent with Garou.
On October 30, the single Sous le vent (duet with Garou) releases in France.


On January 23, Céline grants an interview with Barbra Walters at her house in Jupiter Island, Florida, aired on February 01.
On February 27, she takes part at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles to give an award.
On March 03, the singer comes back on stage with a concert at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, aired on CBS on April 07.
On March 20, Céline grants a press conference in Paris, France, for her new album A New Day Has Come. She makes a surprise appearance in Bercy, Paris, at Garou's concert. She sings Sous le vent with Garou and Ten days with Gérald De Palmas.
On March 21, Céline receives in Londres the most expensive disc in the world, offered for her 15 millions albums and singles sold in United-Kingdom.
On March 25, Céline releases a new album, A New Day Has Come. It includes the song I'm alive, the theme song from the movie 'Stuart Little II'.
On April 03, Céline grants a press conference in Montréal, Québec, for her new album A New Day Has Come.
On May 22, Céline comes in Las Vegas, USA, to see the Colosseum where she will offer her show.
On May 23, she takes part at the Divas Las Vegas.
On September 26, Céline had a star in her name revealed in front of the Forum Pepsi in Montreal.
On October 12 & 13, she records in Paris the videoclip Goodbye's the saddest word.
On October 15, Céline Dion seattles in La Louvière, Belgique, to start the rehearsals for her show in Las Vegas.
On October 21, Céline Dion grants a press conference in La Louvière for her show in Las Vegas.
A New Day Has Come A New Day... visual


On January 26, Celine sings God bless America at the Super Bowl in San Diego, California.
On March 24, Celine releases a new album, One Heart.
On March 25 is the premiere of Celine Dion's show in Las Vegas, USA, A New Day... at the Colosseum.
On May 22, she performs Have you ever been in love at VH1 benefit concert Divas Duets.
On July 09, she takes part at the gala Simplement Marnay to honour one of her key-writter in her early career, Eddy Marnay, died on January 03 earlier in the year. Eddy Marnay wrote more than seventy songs for Celine Dion.
On July 10, Celine participates at the Today Show at the Rockefeller Center in New York.
On October 13, Celine Dion releases a second album for the year, this time in french, 1 Fille & 4 Types, in a somewhat expected association with Jean-Jacques Goldman, however with Gildas Arzel, Erick Benzi & Jacques Veneruso's help, to form "a kind of a band", according to their conception for this album.
On November 30, Celine Dion's father dies after a long bone cancer. His funeral services take place the following December 04 in Charlemagne.
On December 10, Celine participates to the Billboard Music Awards to present an award.
The year 2003 was thrilling for Celine with several key-moments in her life : in the first hand, she released two new albums in the two languages she loves, the french with 1 Fille & 4 Types and the english with One Heart. Moreover, she started her 3-years extravaganza-show A New Day... in Las Vegas, selling in only nine months US$80,5 million worth of tickets, so hitting the 2nd place in the top-grossing live act for 2003 in USA, proof of a tremendous success. At last, she lost two of her most dears: her writter Eddy Marnay and her father Adhemar Dion.
One Heart  Celine does a tribute to her lyricist. 1 Fille & 4 Types Celine Dion (back 2nd L) is surrounded by family, including husband Rene Angelil (back right), and mother Therese (front 2nd L) (REUTERS/Shaun Best)


On January 6, Celine Dion received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.
On January 24, Nevada Ballet Theatre honoured her as the 2004 Woman of the Year, in Las Vegas.
On February 8, she took part to the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.
On June 14, Celine released a live album from her show A New Day....
On September 15, she participated to the World Music Awards in Las Vegas and she received the Diamond Award, for her 175 millions albums sold all around the world.
On October 12, Celine released Miracle, a collection of songs and pictures shot by Anne Geddes, celebrating new life.
The year 2004 confirmed Celine Dion's place on the international musical stage. She has become truly a live legend. She got all the greatest honours and she appeared in all the greatest ceremony. The Worlds Music Awards ceremony confirmed her rank of the female singer having sold the most albums of all times, even surpassing Mariah Carey or Madonna. Her show "A New Day..." remained on the 2nd place of the top moneymakers concerts according to Pollstar with $80.4 million in 2004.
 Celine Dion sings during the 46th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, February 8, 2004. (Credit: REUTERS/Gary Hershorn)A New Day... Live In Las Vegas


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