Concert in Montreal (Quebec)

Monday, August 25, 2008

On August 25, 2008, Celine Dion gave a concert at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, during her world tour "Taking Chances".

On backstage before the show, Celine met with René Caron, Richard Huet and Gaston L'Heureux. She also met with Yvan Ducharme, who presented her with one of his works, "Le Coeur de Karine" (Karine's Heart). Yvan Ducharme also wrote tales for Celine Dion when she was younger, for example "Le Conte de Karine" (Karine's Tale).

The same day, Celine was photographed besides the visual for the japanese movie "Maboroshi no Yamataikoku", for which she lent her voice on the song "A world to believe in".

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 (Credit: Yvan Ducharme) (Credit: Roger Sylvain, Yvan Ducharme et Sylvie Jasmin) (Credit: Roger Sylvain, Yvan Ducharme et Sylvie Jasmin)

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