Faites la fête Taping (France)

Sunday, December 1, 1996

On December 1st, 1996, Celine Dion taped a New Year's Eve show Faites la fête hosted by Michel Drucker and broadcasted on December 31st on the channel France 2.

Celine performed in duet with french actor Alain Delon the song "Paroles, paroles".

Alain Delon admited that he was "subjugated and upset by Celine Dion's kindness and simplicity". "She's great!" he exclaims. He adds, visiblely conquered : "Until now, I had known only two wifes of this quality : Barbra Streisand and Milva, the italian Piaf. Celine, he says, admiring, has the humility of the greatests."

Celine also performed:

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 Celine Dion, Alain Delon     Karen Mulder, Michel Drucker, Celine Dion (Credit: Stephane Cardinale)

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