La dernière de Céline Concert (Québec)

Friday, December 31, 1999

On December 31, 1999, Celine Dion performed her very last show of the 20th century at the Molson Centre in Montreal, Quebec. This incredible concert event not only rung in the new millennium but it also marked the beginning of her sabbatical, during which she gave birth to René-Charles. Celine's return to the world of music came with 2002's release of 'A New Day Has Come'.

A few anecdotes happened during this concert :
  • A fan, maybe disappointed by her decision to take a two-years break and dedicate herself to her husband René Angélil, was mastered after having tried to clear a passage through the security barrier, a gun with electric trigger in his hand. The fanatic hurt 3 members of the security staff (now they are safe) and the police of Montreal admitted that if he had been able to reach the French Canadian star, it could have been tragic.
  • Still during this concert, a dozen million televiewers believed in an effect of atmosphere when a smoke escaped from the bottom of the scene. Not at all! It was a footlight that suddenly caught fire! In a few seconds, while Celine was in full action, this beginning of fire was mastered by the security service apparently well-prepared for this kind of unforeseen.
  • While the duet J'irai où tu iras with Luck Mervil was going full swing, Celine was dancing, running everywhere, as we are used to see her.   Suddenly, her receiver microphone got loose from her dress and fell accidentally to the ground. Luck noticed it, let her know and as by magic, a technician jumped up on stage and replaced the microphone. This made her forget her part "et ta langue d'ici". The same situation happened during the duet with Bryan Adam When you're gone, but Celine did not lose her words. Let us imagine that the microphone broke...

Celine Dion wore creations by Carolina Herrera, Chloé, Versace and Lanvin.

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