S'il Suffisait D'aimer

S'il suffisait d'aimer


Je crois toi (05:05)
This sweet song is about trust. Celine's soft voice is full of emotion and sincerity.
Zora sourit (03:51)
"For me, Celine tells, Zora does not only represent Algeria but also all those women from all those countries where they just don't have the chance to be free and happy."
The lyrics puts in light the example of a woman who fights for her and for the others, who resists to the Read more...
On ne change pas (04:08)
Celine's voice is soft, full of indulgence and a little homesicknessly.
"I, Celine admits, I think that people don't really change, and when Jean-Jacques presented me this song, I was very thrilled, because, every day, when I travel, when I'm on stage, when I make up, when I put high Read more...
Je chanterai (04:10)
"The only education I had, Celine reveals, is love and music."
So, even though nothing were left to her, Celine would always love and sing to her last day.
Terre (04:17)
Here is an up-tempo track with an acoustic guitar. Celine performs with power and hardness Erick Benzi's song.
En attendant ses pas (04:07)
This romantic balad speaks about a woman hoping for her charming prince. The music is fairy and Celine's voice accompanies it softly.
Papillon (04:01)
"Thanks, Celine wrote in the booklet, to Erick Benzi to have shared with me this great emotional moment which was Papillon".
On a slow tempo, Erick compares butterflies as lovers, and Celine's voice rises with the burden like a butterfly about to fly.
L'abandon (04:27)
The atmosphere is exotic, with the perfume of islands and easy love. The up-tempo and languishing music invites to a quite gently dance, and Celine gives to the song a sensual sound.
Dans un autre monde (04:38)
With this track, it is the action, the change, the travel. Celine is beating and powerful. The guitar is less used to leave more place with the keyboard and the percussions which revitalize the piece.
Sur le même bateau (04:25)
"I think I can only write songs, Jean-Jacques Goldman tells, on December 5, 2001, in the newspaper Le Soir (Belgium). I tried to write a musical. I started it but then I made it as an album, Rouge. Then I began to write another, fortunately I didn't release it, because right after, the movie Read more...
Tous les blues sont écrits pour toi (04:48)
A very interesting song mixing english and french. It is a kind of blues where the guitar cries and a woman is realizing her sad fate.
S'il suffisait d'aimer (03:35)
The music and the voice are sweet and soothing.
"When Jean-Jacques sang in front of us 'S'il suffisait d'aimer', Celine tells, Rene and I, we cried like babies."
"If there were one track to choose on this album, Celine reveals, it would be without hesitating, 'S'il Read more...



+ Shooting : Miami / Aubervillier
+ Date : 1998
+ Director : Yannick Saillet


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