Recording sessions for the album "1 Fille & 4 Types" / Video shoot for "Tout l’or des hommes" (USA)

From May 2 to 11, 2003, Celine Dion recorded songs for the album "[music=ufeqt|1 Fille & 4 Types”]". Jean-Jacques Goldman, Jacques Veneruso, Erick Benzi et Gildas Arzel came to Las Vegas to work with her.

The video for "Tout l'or des hommes", a road movie imagined by Céline herself, was shot on this occasion in the Nevada desert under Yannick Saillet’s direction, who had already directed the video for "[song=zs|Zora sourit”]". Céline appears as a singer of a group which travels with the hapiness which their music brings them.

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