A New Day...

Nature boy

"Nature boy was recorded for the first time by Nat King Cole, Celine says. It closes my album A New Day Has Come. It is Eddy Marnay, my accomplice, who spoke to me about it. I recorded it for voice and piano, accompanied by Jorge Calandrelli, who worked with Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand." "This is the one I had the most kick out of in the studios, Dion says. I could hear the pedal of the piano and the touch of the keys while I was singing. We were following each other. It's the real thing." " In the listening, we preferred not to add the symphonic orchestration nevertheless very beautiful which was originally foreseen. The original duet gets closer to the purity. I find it magic."

The power of love

First single from Celine's album The Colour Of My Love, Jennifer Rush, who co-wrote the song, originally performed this song in 1984.

To love you more

"A few years ago, when I was touring in Japan, Celine tells, I met an incredible young violonist: his name is Taro Hakase, and we have recorded this next song together." To love you more was the theme song for a popular Japanese drama series.

I'm alive

(Theme song in "Stuart Little II") From the team that wrote That's The Way It Is, this is one of the lighter moments on the set A New Day Has Come; the rhythm is particularly stimulating. "It's cute, it's fun, it's fresh, Céline offers. You don't have to listen to the lyric to enjoy it."

Seduces me

(Dan Hill / John Sheard) Everything you are Everything you'll be Touches the current of love So deep in me Every sigh in the night Every tear that you cry Seduces me All that I am All that I'll be Means nothing at all If you can't be with me Your most innocent kiss Or […]

If I could

"I'd like to dedicate this next song (If I could, Celine reveals in her show A New Day..., to my son, Rene-Charles, and to all the children and parents of the world." The song If I Could was originally recorded by Ray Charles on his My World album in 1993. Barbra Streisand also included the song on her Higher Ground album in 1997.

At last

"I can see beginning my show and looking into everyone's eyes and singing this song, Céline says. This is my hello." The song is simple garnished with fiddle, and a vocal that sounds ike it was captured from the church rafters. Glenn Miller and his Orchestra originate the instrumental version in 1941, for the film Sun Valley Serenade. The original version with voice, sung by Ray Eberle and Pat Friday, is recorded in 1942 by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra for the film Orchestra Wives. Etta James' version , which is the most popular, is recorded in August, 1960, in Chicago for her album entitled At Last.


(Eddie J Cooley, John Davenport) Never know how much I love you Never know how much I care When you put your arms around me I get a fever that's so hard to bear You give me fever When you kiss me Fever when you hold me tight Fever In the morning Fever all through […]

I've got the world on a string

(Harold Arlen, Ted Koehler) I've got the world on a string I'm sitting on a rainbow Got the string around my finger What a world, what a life - I'm in love I've got a song that I sing I can make the rain go Any time I move my finger Lucky me, can't you […]

I surrender

It is the album A New Day Has Come's bombastic, heart pounding, produced by David Foster "It's big, my gosh, Céline says with a laugh, I always need one of these!" She sings to forbidden love amid a firestorm of utterly volcanic instrumentation.

The first time ever I saw your face

"When we did this next song on my special last year, Celine tells in 1999, everybody loved it so much that I recorded it for a new album (All The Way... A Decade Of Song), and it's a song I really love singing very much because it's a beautiful lyric, but most of all, because of the spectacular singer who originally recorded it. Tonight I'd like to dedicated it to her: Roberta Flack." Peter, Paul and Mary originally performed this song in 1965. This classic Ewen MacColl ballad became a No.1 hit for Roberta Flack in 1972. David Foster's sensitive production and orchestration frame one of Celine's finest vocal performances.

Ammore annascunnuto

(Bruno Coulais, Felippe Fragione / Mario Castiglia) Dimme addo sta O'tiemp belle na vota Dimme addo staje Dimme ca t'arricuorda Ma si ce sta quaccurun ca'mo vene a'dicere Ca'pucuntria je sto sul cca' a penzà Pe cchelle ca rimane ca Pe cchelle che è succiese Dinte a st'ammore annascunnuto So comme è bell n'cumpagnia So […]

I wish

(Stevie Wonder) Looking back on when I Was a little nappy headed boy Then my only worry Was for Christmas what would be my toy Even though we sometimes Would not get a thing We were happy with the "Joy the day would bring" Sneaking out the back door To hang out with those hoodlum […]

I drove all night

The recording of this classic by Céline was produced by Peer Astrom and Vito Luprano. The original version is recorded by Cindy Lauper on her album A night to remember aired in 1989. A version by Roy Orbison, of whom the song was originally aimed, is aired in 1992.

My heart will go on

(Theme song in "Titanic") "In April (1997), Celine remembers, composer James Horner came to Las Vegas and proposed a project to Rene : 'I'm writing the music for a movie about the Titanic'. The three of us met in a suite of the Caesar's Palace. Horner played My Heart Will Go On on the piano. On his back, I was making signs to Rene, pouts, I was looking sternly at him, so that he understood I didn't want this song : I really didn't want to record it. First, I didn't like the song, he couldn't sing right, it wasn't really alright on the piano at the moment, I had already performed several songs for movies, one more? We wanted to take a break, another project? More especially as director James Cameron didn't want any songs for his movie. We weren't in the middle of the song that Rene was pretending not to understand me. When Horner turned towards us, he said : 'In one month, we will be in New York, at the Hit Factory, where Celine records her new album Let's Talk About Love. If you give us an orchestral track, she could make a model, then Cameron could listen to it. It would be, I think, the best way to convince him.'" "One month later, James Horner was at the Hit Factory in New York with his orchestral track. He told me with many details the story of the movie. I began to feel the atmosphere of the movie... There is a scene with a couple of old people who are hugging, who are seeing the water come in from under the door and who are deciding to go to bed, and who are going to die together... And there is also a mother who is singing lullabies to her children, and she knows that they're all going to die... And then I imagined it. And on that day, I wasn't totally in top shape vocally and usually I don't take caffeine when I sing, but here it was a model 'no things to worry' so I took a black coffee with two sugars... Then I sang, there were all the Sony team, Tommy Mottola, John Doelp, Vito Luprano... Everybody knew, since the first take, that we had a big hit." "But the model, the coffee and the two sugars remained the original, I never recorded the song again : the model is on the disc. They built the orchestration with my voice... I never recorded it again, so much so that the tremolo is faster on the song than on stage, than usual, because of the caffeine."

What a wonderful world

Louis Armstrong recorded this song in 1968, it was his last big hit, topping the charts in the UK. He recorded it once more in 1970.

Je t'aime encore (Version française)

Céline also sang an english version of this song on her One Heart album. "I'm near her, Jean-Jacques Goldman reveals about the studio version from the album 1 Fille & 4 Types, and I tell her sentences by sentences... so I tell her "tadadadada" and she does "tadada..." at once after... Well, its happens that then it is this voice we kept so there was a huge work to remove me, my voice, or my whisperings just before... and, if you listen well the very beginning of the song, we still hear a little bit my voice before, so this song, she sings it while she entirely discovers it!" Note that Nadia Comaneci, whom Celine has always admired very much, appears on the videoclip, as well as Miss Quebec 2003 Marie-Andree Poulin.

A new day has come

Against a finespun sweep of strings and piano, the sparkling title track from the album A New Day Has Come is among the most delicate, understarted songs Céline has recorded. "For me, this represents the birth of my child, Céline says. Nothing can ever come close to that. But it can mean different things for anyone who has to find strength again. I think it's very positive." Stephan Moccio wrote the lyrics of the song on a music by Aldo Nova.

God bless America

On September 21, 2001, Celine performed this song for the first time at America : A Tribute To Heroes. On January 26, 2003, Celine Dion performed the song God bless America at the Super Bowl.

Happy Xmas (War is over)

"It was that incredible song, Celine tells in 1999, and maybe, you know, the world changed, but the feelings didn't change, I mean: human beings, true values and love, and sharing all that is still the most important thing, caring. So, when I heard that song, it became one of my favorite of all times, so when I was recording a Christmas album, of course I kept this song in mind and I really wanted to do it. And I'm glad I had the chance to record that song, it's really one of my favorite, it's very touching, it means a lot, it's actually an incredible incredible Christmas song!"

Pour que tu m'aimes encore

It is Celine's favorite song on the album D'Eux. Jean-Jacques Goldman wrote it late in 1994. "Pour que tu m'aimes encore, Celine tells, the first song heard, the first recorded, at once reminded me L'hymne à l'amour by Edith Piaf. The same subject, the same structure, the same woman consumed by love. It is a hymn to wild, possessed, possessive, definitive love, as mine... We knew while we were recording that now it will be part of my life."

All the way

(Virtual duet with Frank Sinatra) "All the songs are dear to me, Celine reveals, but perhaps one song has an extra special place in my heart. You may already know that Rene and I have our special song... like most couples do. Ours is All the way, made famous by Mr. Frank Sinatra. You can imagine what a great honor and thrill it was for me to be able to record this song with the amazing voice of Mr. Sinatra. What he gave to music will always be timeless... and I feel privileged to be able to pay him a tribute in my own little way. All the way... sums up the way my husband and I feel about each other, and in a different way it describes a feeling that I have when I think about all the love and support that's been given to me by many dedicated people who have made all of this incredible journey possible." The original version by Frank Sinatra is the theme song from 'The Joker Is Wild' and won the Oscar of the Best Song in 1958.