Who Wants to Win With Celine Dion?

Every day, 10 questions about Celine Dion to test how much you know her. If you regularly get more than 5/10 on this quiz, you're definitely a fan of Celine Dion.

#1. Celine Dion performed the real 500th show of "A New Day..." on

#2. How many candidates were selected for "A New Day..." ?

#3. "Just walk away" is extracted from the album

#4. "These Are Special Times" does not contain the song

#5. Which song does Celine sing on the soundtrack from the movie 'Deadpool 2' ?

#6. How are Celine's twins named?

#7. What is the title of the very first song that Celine Dion recorded at the age of 12?

#8. "A quatre pas d'ici" appears on the album

#9. The single "Je ne vous oublie pas" was released in

#10. "Un amour pour moi" does not appear in


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