Who Wants to Win With Celine Dion?

Every day, 10 questions about Celine Dion to test how much you know her. If you regularly get more than 5/10 on this quiz, you're definitely a fan of Celine Dion.

#1. The Colosseum is the double of the usual 2,000-seats showrooms in Las Vegas. So it has a capacity of

#2. Celine Dion is the step-mother of

#3. "La religieuse" was written by

#4. At which occasion did Celine Dion sing for the first time in front of a large audience ?

#5. The song "Prayer" appears in the album

#6. Celine Dion comes from

#7. CelineDionWeb.com is

#8. In 2008, Celine Dion spent almost the whole year on tour. In which city did she perform on May 30 ?

#9. Who is the song “A New Day Has Come” dedicated to?

#10. In 2019, during a tribute concert to Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion performed the song