Who Wants to Win With Celine Dion?

Every day, 10 questions about Celine Dion to test how much you know her. If you regularly get more than 5/10 on this quiz, you're definitely a fan of Celine Dion.

#1. On September 11, 1984, Celine sang for Pope John Paul II and 65,000 faithful at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. What did she sing?

#2. Jean-Jacques Goldman did not participate in the song

#3. "But I felt my heart start to tremble inside, Wish I didn't know cause I can't let you go" is an extract from

#4. "Partout je te vois" appears in the album

#5. Linda Thompson did not participate in the song

#6. The song "A New Day Has Come" was written by

#7. If you wish to offer a pair of shoes to Celine Dion, which size would you choose?

#8. "Un amour pour moi" does not appear in

#9. Celine Dion did not perform a virtual duet with

#10. In 2005, during the television special "How You Can Help" with Larry King, Celine Dion performed a cappella