Taking Chances

Taking Chances

"Taking Chances" a été écrite par Kara DioGuardi et David A. Stewart de Eurythmics, et produite par John Shanks, producteur récompensé aux Grammy Awards. Premier single extrait de l'album, la chanson a été enregistrée en avril 2007.


(Billy Steinberg / Thomas Kelly) I hear the ticking of the clock I'm lying here the room's pitch dark I wonder where you are tonight No answer on the telephone And the night goes by so very slow Oh I hope that it won't end though Alone Till now I always got by on my […]

Eyes On Me

(Kristian Lundin / Savan Kotecha / Delta Goodrem) I know that once in love You don't think of The devil who's inside And maybe there'll come one day When you'll feel safe And I wont have the time You'll hear what you wanna hear Blink once I could disappear Some rules to the game will […]

My Love

(Linda Perry) My love we have seen it all The endless confession The rise and fall As fragile as a child But lately I'm sorry I can't hold a smile But I stand tall to get by No matter how hard I try to hide How did you know I'd take the time for you? […]

Shadow Of Love

(Anders Bagge / Aldo Nova / Peter Sjöström) I live my life like a runaway I hide my dreams in a special place I'm waiting here for my prince to come To save me from the darkness I count the nights I count the days, the ways Don't wanna fight it would be in vain […]

Surprise Surprise

(Kara DioGuardi / Martin Harrington / Ash Howes) Surprise surprise I told you lies I thought the truth would set you free Surprise surprise It isn't all as it seems But who knew you'd wake up from your dreams If I told you myself Could've saved you the hell Now look who's sorry God I'm […]

This Time

(David Hodges / Ben Moody / Steven McMorran) One more hour burns So scared of his return That I can't sleep tonight In this hospital light What you call a tragedy Is just another day to me For my heart beats with fear As his footsteps draw near The life I meant to lead Won't […]

New Dawn

(Linda Perry) Jesus I will follow For each day is forgiving And never alone And as we walk Through miles of disbelief It will be his hand that guides you Leading you home You carry on A new day will come You carry on A new day will dawn I am woman A mountain I […]

A Song For You

(Anders Bagge / Aldo Nova / Robert Wells) I couldn't live I couldn't live without your love For one kiss I would give everything up There's no words that can describe What I feel deep inside So I'll let this song say all Then I hope you'll understand Once you've listened till the end Heard […]

A World To Believe In

(Tino Izzo / Rosanna Ciciola) I've seen the tears and the heartache   And I 've felt the pain   I've seen the hatred And so many lives lost in vain And yet through this darkness There's always a light that shines through And takes me back home, takes me back home All of the promises broken […]

Can't Fight The Feelin'

(Aldo Nova) I feel a little peculiar Feelin' kinda strange I don't know what it is but I like the change That comes over me whenever he's around It's as if my feet don't even touch the ground 'Cause when I'm feelin' down He's there to pick me up And when I talk too much […]

I Got Nothin' Left

(Shaffer Smith / Charles Harmon) Anybody ever tell you that you're not home Hollow shell of a man without a soul Never ever felt your warmth 'cause you're always cold Only thing that makes sense is letting go Anybody ever tell you that you've got nerve Treating my love like just another word Tired of […]

Right Next To The Right One

(Tim Christensen) What if we were meant to be together What if you were meant to be the one I could hide a million years and try to believe That any time the boy in mind will come and rescue me 'Cause you're the fire, you're the one But you'll never see the sun If […]

Fade Away

(Peer Astrom / David Stenmarck / Aldo Nova) I learned from the past Not everything lasts I understand that now Everything changed When you walked away But I'll survive somehow Though I have regrets I'll learn to forget And just keep movin' on 'Cause when love is gone You have to be strong Once touched […]

Skies Of L.A.

(Christopher Stewart / Terius Nash / Thaddis Harrell) It's so sad what we have become The beautiful days we seem to leave so undone And I don't know where we will go from here All I know is that I can't see the sun through the sky from here Everyone has a finger But they […]

Map To My Heart

(Guy Roche, Shelly Peiken) White chocolate kisses under the stars Riding on horses Boys with guitars If you really want to get the root of me You don't have to try so hard Give me a reason to dance in the dark Be there to catch me and I'll fall apart If you wanna know […]

The Reason I Go On

(Christian Leuzzi, Aldo Nova, A. Borgius) When I'm feeling down The mention of your name It lifts my spirit up It makes me carry on When I don't have the strenght Your faith can heal me Like a sun that shines You give me light to see Catch me 'cause I'm falling I'm so lost […]