Tracklist 1 fille et 4 types

Tout l'or des hommes

"Of course I'm a passionate girl and the people around me is very important, Celine reveals. For exemple, this is what the song Tout l'or des hommes says. Everything I do, traveling round the world, having money, maybe is important, but the main point is having the people you love around you. There is always a part of me which well stands rooted to the spot. My head floats in the clouds but my feet well stand rooted to the earth! 'All the gold in the world, is nothing if you are far from me - All the love in the world is not worth anything anymore, so above all don't change', I love you just like this, I love you for your real worthes."
"It is a song, Jacques Veneruso tells, which came out when I thought about her, yes she is an international star, she have all what we call wealth, but the most important is the human worth and the relation with the others."
First extract from the album 1 Fille & 4 Types, on radio since August 27, the single Tout l'or des hommes releases on October 06, 2003.
The video for Tout l'or des hommes, a road movie conceived by Céline herself, has been shot early in May 2003 in Nevada desert under Yannick Saillet's direction who had already directed the video for Zora sourit. Céline appears as a singer of a group which travels with the hapiness which their music brings them.

Ne bouge pas

"We all come from rock, the writter of the song, Gildas Arzel explains, from blues, from things we do with the guitar, so when we have the freedom to exploit that, we do it, hey!"

Tu nages

Anggun originally performed this song on her album Désirs Contraires released in 2000.

Je t'aime encore (Version française)

Céline also sang an english version of this song on her One Heart album.
"I'm near her, Jean-Jacques Goldman reveals about the studio version from the album 1 Fille & 4 Types, and I tell her sentences by sentences... so I tell her "tadadadada" and she does "tadada..." at once after... Well, its happens that then it is this voice we kept so there was a huge work to remove me, my voice, or my whisperings just before... and, if you listen well the very beginning of the song, we still hear a little bit my voice before, so this song, she sings it while she entirely discovers it!"
Note that Nadia Comaneci, whom Celine has always admired very much, appears on the videoclip, as well as Miss Quebec 2003 Marie-Andree Poulin.


Nanette Workman originally performed this song on her album Une à une released in 1996.

Je lui dirai

"Yes, Celine tells about the relation between her son Rene-Charles and this song from the album 1 Fille & 4 Types, it is about her grandfather, it also says that with the blood which runs from Orient through Rene, and with his grandfather who was a lumberjack, when we mix all of this, well, it makes a extraordinary child! It is what we think, at least I do!"
The idea of the musical theme was born on March 17, 2002, during a TV special where Jean-Jacques Goldman was invited. He performed there his lively folk dance Tournent les violons ; the host, then asked him,
Flavie Flament : If you would have to write for Celine again and with a lively folk dance, which one would it be?
Jean-Jacques Goldman : Every dance...
Celine Dion : This one, I would like to have it!
JJG : Well, ok, we will do a three-time dance... This one was a tarentella...
FF : So, the appointment is arranged!
CD : I love this! Yes! (laugh)

Mon homme

"Mon homme, Celine reveals... This is a song for Rene, this is a song for my son too!"