Tracklist A New Day… Live In Las Vegas

Nature boy

"Nature boy was recorded for the first time by Nat King Cole, Celine says. It closes my album A New Day Has Come. It is Eddy Marnay, my accomplice, who spoke to me about it. I recorded it for voice and piano, accompanied by Jorge Calandrelli, who worked with Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand."
"This is the one I had the most kick out of in the studios, Dion says. I could hear the pedal of the piano and the touch of the keys while I was singing. We were following each other. It's the real thing."
" In the listening, we preferred not to add the symphonic orchestration nevertheless very beautiful which was originally foreseen. The original duet gets closer to the purity. I find it magic."

Wow! Thank you very much! Thank you! Well, I just want to... to take a moment tonight to thank you all, for being here. Thank you for giving us the chance to perform for you! What a thrill! Thank you! Shall we go for it?

I'm alive

(Theme song in "Stuart Little II") From the team that wrote That's The Way It Is, this is one of the lighter moments on the set A New Day Has Come; the rhythm is particularly stimulating.
"It's cute, it's fun, it's fresh, Céline offers. You don't have to listen to the lyric to enjoy it."

I'd like to dedicate this next song to all the parents and children of the world, and especially my baby boy, Rene-Charles.

If I could

"I'd like to dedicate this next song (If I could, Celine reveals in her show A New Day..., to my son, Rene-Charles, and to all the children and parents of the world."
The song If I Could was originally recorded by Ray Charles on his My World album in 1993. Barbra Streisand also included the song on her Higher Ground album in 1997.

Thank you so much! Through out time, there has been many... many fabulous voices. Among them, in the fifties, there were... Etta James, Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra... so here are three of their timeless classics.

At last

"I can see beginning my show and looking into everyone's eyes and singing this song,
Céline says. This is my hello."

The song is simple garnished with fiddle, and a vocal that sounds ike it was captured from the church

Glenn Miller and his Orchestra originate the instrumental version in 1941, for the film Sun Valley Serenade.
The original version with voice, sung by Ray Eberle and Pat Friday, is recorded in 1942 by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra
for the film Orchestra Wives. Etta James' version

, which is the most popular, is recorded in August, 1960, in Chicago for her album entitled At Last.


(Eddie J Cooley, John Davenport) Never know how much I love you Never know how much I care When you put your arms around me I get a fever that's so hard to bear You give me fever When you kiss me Fever when you hold me tight Fever In the morning Fever all through …

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