Tracklist Sans Attendre


It is the song "Attendre", which means "waiting", written and composed by Élodie Hesme and David Gategno, that was the inspiration for the album’s title 'Sans Attendre', which mean "without waiting". In the song, Celine tells us that we have to learn to wait and be patient in life to see our dreams and desires come true. However, there is always one thing we can do right away “without waiting”: we can give love!

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Une chance qu'on s'a

(Duet with Jean-Pierre Ferland) Jean-Pierre Ferland originally recorded this song in 1995 for his album ‘Écoute pas ça’, which he wrote to tell his love how lucky he is to have her in his life. On November 1, 1998, Celine Dion performed this song with Jean-Pierre Ferland for the first time at the Gala of the Adisq. Celine also recorded “Une chance qu’on s’a” (Lucky we've got each other) in duet with Jean-Pierre Ferland on her album "Sans Attendre".

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La mer et l'enfant

In French, the words "mother" and "sea" are pronounced the same way, they are homophones. In this song, the author Fabien Marsaud, best known as Grand Corps Malade, compares the relationship between a mother and her child to that between the sea and the shore.

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Moi quand je pleure

Songwriter Maxime Le Forestier says he realized his “dream of writing for a great singer” when he wrote “Moi quand je pleure” (Me, when I cry) for Celine. Stanislas composed the music for this beautiful song. Maxime Le Forestier saw how Celine gives into her emotions and is always so sincere, open and honest about everything she does. It’s this fragility that inspired him to write this song.

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Celle qui m'a tout appris

With “Celle qui m’a tout appris”, which means “the one who has taught me everything”, Celine pays tribute to her mother Thérèse. Celine says this very touching song was a gift to her from songwriters Jacques Veneruso and Nina Bouraoui and it captures how she feels about her mother. Celine’s favourite part of the song is when she sings about how her mother is following her father’s footsteps and how Celine’s father paved the way for her mother. Celine thinks that’s a beautiful sentiment.

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