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I drove all night

The recording of this classic by Céline was produced by Peer Astrom and Vito Luprano.
The original version is recorded by Cindy Lauper on her album A night to remember aired in 1989. A version by Roy Orbison, of whom the song was originally aimed, is aired in 1992.

Taking Chances

"Taking Chances" was written by Kara DioGuardi and David A. Stewart from Eurythmics, and produced by Grammy Award-winner John Shanks. It was recorded in April 2007 and released as the first single from the album.

To love you more

"A few years ago, when I was touring in Japan, Celine tells, I met an incredible young violonist: his name is Taro Hakase, and we have recorded this next song together."
To love you more was the theme song for a popular Japanese drama series.

Eyes On Me

(Kristian Lundin / Savan Kotecha / Delta Goodrem) I know that once in love You don't think of The devil who's inside And maybe there'll come one day When you'll feel safe And I wont have the time You'll hear what you wanna hear Blink once I could disappear Some rules to the game will […]

All by myself

For the recording of the album Falling Into You, David Foster asked to Celine to do a remake of All by myself.
"David informed me that he had changed the orchestrations of the last part of the song, Celine tells. I had to sing a little higher, until a F# which almost reached the limit of my voice. The worst was that he wanted me to hold this note during several times... I knew that I couldn't do it more than two recordings without risking to break my voice.
The day of the recording, Rene and I quarrelled, for a mere nothing... He decided not to acompany me to the studio. I left all by myself, to the Record Plant (in Los Angeles), where I found a rather cold, condescending, almost contemptuous David Foster... While the technicians were finishing to put the orchestra tracks, I was bothering myself. I think that David was delaying everything on purpose... At one point, innocently, he told me: 'If you don't manage... I could ask it to Whitney.'. Whitney Houston was recording on this day in the nearby studio...
I did not say a word... I sang All by myself with all my strength, with all my soul. When I came to the time to climb towards the F#, I put my voice at maximum, until it was hurting, and I held the note a very long time, without weakening. When I finished, the musicians on the other side of the glass were stand up to applause.
I left without greeting David Foster...I was thinking to Rene. I was looking for the reason of our fight. And suddenly, I understood...He put one more time the difficulty harder to give me new challenges, to force me to surpass myself."
Now, Celine speaks about the impact of this song when she sings it on stage:
"Before, people did not expect this note, she says, and when I was doing it, they were surprised, amazed or not, but they did not expect this note... And now they expect this note, and there is a silence which moves me, and which paralyses me, it's incredible! And then, I say to myself, 'well, I can't leave them now', so, there is a hand inside me, this performer who loves singing, who's saying to me 'go girl, do your note, make them happy, do it right!'."
Eric Carmen originally recorded it.

Shadow Of Love

(Anders Bagge / Aldo Nova / Peter Sjöström) I live my life like a runaway I hide my dreams in a special place I'm waiting here for my prince to come To save me from the darkness I count the nights I count the days, the ways Don't wanna fight it would be in vain […]

Fade Away

(Peer Astrom / David Stenmarck / Aldo Nova) I learned from the past Not everything lasts I understand that now Everything changed When you walked away But I'll survive somehow Though I have regrets I'll learn to forget And just keep movin' on 'Cause when love is gone You have to be strong Once touched […]