Tracklist The colour of my love

Think twice

In 1995, British fans took extremely well to Think Twice, a ballad on The Colour Of My Love. For five consecutive weeks, the song and the album stood on top of the respective British charts, an achievement not replicated since 1965 and the heyday of The Beatles. Think Twice remained at number one for two more weeks, surpassing the magic million mark to become only the fourth million-selling single ever in the UK by a female artist.

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Real emotion

(Diane Warren) You don't have to give me rings on my fingers Promise me the moon and the stars in the sky Or bring me roses just to show me you love me That ain't gonna win this heart of mine All the diamonds you can buy won't impress me Pretty words ain't gonna prove

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When I fall in love

(Duet with Clive Griffin) (Theme song in "Sleepless Nights In Seattle") Note that Warren Wiebe first made the demo of Clive Griffin's part in the duet. The song was produced by David Foster.
Nat King Cole originally recorded it in 1952.

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Love doesn't ask why

(Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil, Phil Galdston) Love doesn't ask why It speaks from the heart And never explains Don't you know that Love doesn't think twice It can come all at once Or whisper from a distance Don't ask me if this feeling's right or wrong It doesn't have to make much sense It just

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Refuse to dance

(Charlie Dore / Danny Schogger) Got your invitation to the dance Wear your party dress Maybe I was just an innocent But I confess I never even knew the song The orchestra was playing See the cuties in their party clothes Oh it's getting warm Off the shoulder cut into the hip Like a uniform

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