Tracklist Unison

(If there was) Any other way

Two different music videos were filmed for this song. The first version was filmed in April 1990 in New Orleans, Lousiana, USA.

Love by another name

(David Foster, Cliff Magnes / Glen Ballard) Somewhere past midnight When the moment is just right We ride the streets of desire We take it slow and Always get where we're goin' 'Cause where there's smoke there's fire There's no denying We don't need to keep trying Let's face the music and dance Well it's …

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Unison is a new version of a song which first had been recorded as theme song in the movie All The Right Moves with Tom Cruise. The original version, recorded by Junior, can be found on the sound track from the movie.

I feel too much

(Tom Keane / Eric Pressley) I just wanted you to talk to me But baby you captured my heart so easy And I know love, baby when I see it Boy when you're near me that's the Feeling I get It's pure emotion inside of me And all I know is I feel . . …

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If we could start over

(S. Meissner) I never found out why you walked away And never said goodbye But now that I see you I'm torn inside, but I've still got my pride I understand that some things are better left unsaid I'm afraid of the truth But what can I do if I still want you If we …

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Have a heart

Céline sang Have a heart for the first time at the Juno Awards on November 2, 1987. The song, especially for the event, is an adaptation from the song Partout je te vois which can be found on the album Incognito. Then the song Have a heart had been recorded in studio for the album Unison.