Celine Announces her First Real Tour

On March 12, 1985, Celine Dion announced her first real tour in Quebec, with a real show. The press conference took place at the restaurant Les Jardins de Paris, near to Le Forum de Montréal in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

During the conference, Celine confessed quite frankly to journalists "I admit I´d have liked to have really performed on stage during the past four years. For me it was an incredible sacrifice not to give live performances, but I recognize now that I still didn´t have all the tools I needed, and I understand why my agent imposed such restrictions on me".

Celine´s manager Rene Angelil was there and he also talked during the conference. He said "Until now, all our efforts have gone into getting out her recordings. We were aiming at exceptional quality, and we achieved it. Now we´re moving on to live shows, and we´re aiming at the same quality there. Two years ago, a producer offered us a thirty-five thousand dollars to do this tour and we refused. Celine wasn´t ready for it yet".

A journalist asked if she would continue her tour in France. Rene answered "there´s no question of her performing in France for the time being. She´s not ready for France yet, and we´ll have to wait a year or eighteen months. Here she has put out seven LPs while over there she only has two. But don´t be too impatient. Two or three years from now she´ll be one of the top singers in the world". Celine was photographed with Suzzane Mia Dumont and the journalists

Claire Syril and Rolland Bouchard. Celine also was photographed with Jean-Pierre Matton (owner of Chenal-du-Moine in Sorel, Quebec), Marcelle Laporte (from the Centre Culturel of Joliette, Quebec) and with Denis Lussier (director of CEGEP in Valleyfield, Quebec).