Filming for Celinununu Commercial

In early October 2018, Celine Dion was on the set for the filming of a commercial for Celinununu, a line of children’s fashion. The entire video was filmed over 24 hours at the Roseman University Summerlin campus, in Henderson, Nevada. The commercial was officially unveiled on November 13, 2018.

The commercial follows Céline as she breaks into a hospital and makes her way to the maternity ward, where male and female newborns are evenly divided into blue and pink sides of the room. Once in the maternity ward, the narration of Céline continues, “We miss the past; they dream of tomorrow. We may thrust them forward into the future, but the course will always be theirs to choose.” She then blows black and silver sparkles around the room, erasing the colors on the walls and transforming the babies’ color-coded attire into new black-and-white clothing. The ad then has a funny twist as she’s discovered by security guards and arrested for trespassing. She assures the guards that everything is okay because she is Céline Dion but her celebrity status fails to keep her from spending a night in jail.

Below are just a few of the many local production professionals who worked on this spot.

  • Location Manager: Eddie Fickett
  • Craft Service: Karen Sweeney 
  • Medic: Karen Strutynski 
  • Camera: Josh Cohen
  • Production Supplies: JR Lighting
  • VTR: Vegassist, LLC 
  • Production Supervisor: Jody Montoya