Interview with Seamus O'Regan (USA)

On July 16, 2003, Seamus O'Regan interviewed Celine Dion, in the show Canada AM from the CTV network.

Celebrating the success of her latest album One Heart, and the stage show extravaganza A New Day... running in Las Vegas, Celine Dion is inviting the world into her home.

"The fans have put me where I am today and they were kind enough to invite me to their homes many times, and I did say yes to the invitations all the time," Dion told Canada AM.

"But it's my turn now to say, hey, I'm inviting you to my home, please come and visit us."

After taking a hiatus for the birth of her son, Dion returned to live performance with a three-year, 600-show engagement in Las Vegas. It debuted March 25, at the custom-built 4,100 seat $95 million US Colosseum in Caesars Palace.

Several changes have been made to the show since its premiere, including the addition of a Jean-Jacques Goldman song that Dion sings in French -- to be included on Dion's next French-language album, which will be released Oct. 13.

But one of Dion's biggest changes -- made before the show even opened -- is still causing a buzz: Her short and sassy hairstyle.

"I'm like every woman. When I feel like I need to change, it's like a tornado, change the whole thing," Dion said explaining why she chose to crop her do.

"It's for different reasons, because I felt like it. Because it was a new day. Because it was different.

"Because I'm flying every night on stage and the hair is being caught in those cables every time.

"Because I'm a mommy.

"Because -- because I think I look good.

"Because I think I like it. because -- because why not?"

Besides, Dion says, she could easily have whatever she wanted.

"I can have short hair like this, I can have long hair like that. Don't tell nobody, though," Dion said snapping her fingers.

Whatever her secret is, Dion's formula seems to be working.

For now, Dion is just enjoying the chance to share her music with her fans. And with a few months on the new stage under her belt, she's not missing the rigours of travelling to do it.

"I was lucky enough to tour the world a few times and see magnificent things," Dion said. "I take this as wonderful pieces of luggage that I can really share with my son and hopefully one day I can bring our son with us and tour the world with him on another -- in another way."

"But right now, show business is giving me a wonderful trip."