(Photo: Martin Schoeller)

Photoshoot for People Magazine

On March 19, 2014, Celine Dion took part in a photoshoot for People Magazine, in the arms of the statue of David by Michelangelo in Las Vegas. The photos were part of the June edition of People Magazine.

People magazine wanted to do special photoshoots with the stars who perform at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. They organized sessions with Elton John, Rod Stewart, Shania Twain and, of course, Céline Dion.

When approached by the magazine team, Celine Dion was offered some photo ideas. "These were good proposals, but I have done so many things in my life that I wanted to do different," she explains.

She then launched a rather original idea, without knowing if it was feasible. "I told them I wanted to be in David's arms right now. They did: David? Yes, the work of art by Michelangelo, about 30 feet, in the middle of Caesars Palace. I wanted to be in his arms. ”

"I think everyone liked the idea, but it was one thing to like it and it was another to make it happen," she said. It was very iconic, very big for me. "

The singer was thus hung on harnesses and was lifted 18 feet in the air, to reach the arms of the statue which is a replica in real size of the original one located in Italy.

I knew I was safe, so I didn't care at all," she said. I'm pretty sure the photographer caught something unique. I don’t know if anyone else has ever been in David’s arms, but if I’m the first, I’m truly honored.