René Simard, Céline Dion (Photo d'archives Le Journal de Montréal, Tomasz Rossa)

Recording session for "Quand on s'aime" with René Simard

On Friday, October 3, 2003, Celine Dion recorded the song "Quand on s'aime" in duet with Rene Simard in studio in Las Vegas. This song can be found on his album "Hier… encore".

"It would be great to record it with somebody like Celine Dion," mentionned artistic director of the project Lionel Laveault, without thinking that was really possible.

However, enough that Guy Cloutier and Rene Angelil talk about, to have an answer at once : "I never could have imagine that this dream would come true," Rene Simard admitted to the Journal de Montréal by phone from Las Vegas on Saturday morning. Celine is so in demand and so busy. And she accepted : "You are part of Rene (Angelil)'s past and all what Rene loves, I love", she repeated every time that the singer was thanking her.

Rene Simard has known Celine Dion since the beginning of her career. But he sang only one time with her, during the Adisq gala which Celine hosted, a few years ago. Rene Simard has known Rene Angelil who was part of Guy Cloutier's team while he was singing in Japon, in Las Vegas and in Paris.

Just after her show at the Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Celine joined Rene Simard in studio to record "Quand on s'aime". Celine arrived in studio a little bit after midnight. She went away at 3:15 am. All the time, she was in a good mood, joyfully worked, joked, in spite of the late hour.

Rene Simard enjoyed very much this special time in studio with Celine Dion : "I wasn't nervous, but happy, he says, Celine transmitted me her energy." The song, very jazz, was directed by Michael Buble's arranger.