Thérèse Dion, Céline Dion, Adhémar Dion (PHOTO MICHEL GRAVEL, ARCHIVES LA PRESSE)

Release of the album "Mélanie"

On August 22, 1984, Celine Dion released her new album Mélanie.

The event took place at the Le Portage room in the Place Bonaventure Hotel in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. During the event, Celine performed the the title track "Mélanie", written by Eddy Marnay and dedicated to Celine´s little niece Karine, diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Eddy Marnay gave a speech in wich he talked about the new album. Then, Claude Mouton, from the Association Québécoise de la Fibrose Kystique (AQFK) presented a new poster for the campaign of that year, featuring Celine and Karine. Celine´s entire family and her manager Rene Angelil were there. The famous singer and songwriter Peter Pringle was also invited to this event. Celine was photographed with Peter Pringle, Diane Juster, Marguerite Blais, Rene Angelil and Eddy Marnay. Ruth Groc, from the famous confectionery "La Nôtre" in Montreal, also attended this event. She gave to Celine some treats from the shop.