All the way... A decade of song

The album was released on November 16, 1999.
It features nine big hits and seven new songs (That's the way it is, If walls could talk, The first time ever I saw your face, All the way, Then you look at me, I want you to need me et Live). Three songs among the big hits are different for each country, that is why there are many editions of the album all around the world.
It is Celine's last album before her two-years break in 2000.

When I look back over the past ten years, I can't believe what an incredible journey it has been. I have so many things to be grateful for... so many great memories. I've been given wonderful songs by the best songwriters in the world, and I've had the opportunity to perform songs on virtually every continent. I've had the privilege of working with many of the greatest producers and artists of all times and I've had the good fortune to be part of some of the biggest projects in the entertainment business. So much has happened and I feel so very fortunate that I've been able to live this dream. There's still a lot more that I want to do in music and I have many more goals and dreams which I hope tu pursue in time. For now, I want to step back a little bit from the spotlight. I want to enjoy the simple things in life for a change. I want to spend more time with my family, my friends and especially with Rene. - Celine

The power of love

First single from Celine's album The Colour Of My Love, Jennifer Rush, who co-wrote the song, originally performed this song in 1984.

To love you more

"A few years ago, when I was touring in Japan, Celine tells, I met an incredible young violonist: his name is Taro Hakase, and we have recorded this next song together." To love you more was the theme song for a popular Japanese drama series.

My heart will go on

(Theme song in "Titanic") "In April (1997), Celine remembers, composer James Horner came to Las Vegas and proposed a project to Rene : 'I'm writing the music for a movie about the Titanic'. The three of us met in a suite of the Caesar's Palace. Horner played My Heart Will Go On on the piano. On his back, I was making signs to Rene, pouts, I was looking sternly at him, so that he understood I didn't want this song : I really didn't want to record it. First, I didn't like the song, he couldn't sing right, it wasn't really alright on the piano at the moment, I had already performed several songs for movies, one more? We wanted to take a break, another project? More especially as director James Cameron didn't want any songs for his movie. We weren't in the middle of the song that Rene was pretending not to understand me. When Horner turned towards us, he said : 'In one month, we will be in New York, at the Hit Factory, where Celine records her new album Let's Talk About Love. If you give us an orchestral track, she could make a model, then Cameron could listen to it. It would be, I think, the best way to convince him.'" "One month later, James Horner was at the Hit Factory in New York with his orchestral track. He told me with many details the story of the movie. I began to feel the atmosphere of the movie... There is a scene with a couple of old people who are hugging, who are seeing the water come in from under the door and who are deciding to go to bed, and who are going to die together... And there is also a mother who is singing lullabies to her children, and she knows that they're all going to die... And then I imagined it. And on that day, I wasn't totally in top shape vocally and usually I don't take caffeine when I sing, but here it was a model 'no things to worry' so I took a black coffee with two sugars... Then I sang, there were all the Sony team, Tommy Mottola, John Doelp, Vito Luprano... Everybody knew, since the first take, that we had a big hit." "But the model, the coffee and the two sugars remained the original, I never recorded the song again : the model is on the disc. They built the orchestration with my voice... I never recorded it again, so much so that the tremolo is faster on the song than on stage, than usual, because of the caffeine."

If walls could talk

Céline's first collaboration with writer/producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange, best known for his multi-platinium recordings with Shania Twain.

The first time ever I saw your face

"When we did this next song on my special last year, Celine tells in 1999, everybody loved it so much that I recorded it for a new album (All The Way... A Decade Of Song), and it's a song I really love singing very much because it's a beautiful lyric, but most of all, because of the spectacular singer who originally recorded it. Tonight I'd like to dedicated it to her: Roberta Flack." Peter, Paul and Mary originally performed this song in 1965. This classic Ewen MacColl ballad became a No.1 hit for Roberta Flack in 1972. David Foster's sensitive production and orchestration frame one of Celine's finest vocal performances.

All the way

(Virtual duet with Frank Sinatra) "All the songs are dear to me, Celine reveals, but perhaps one song has an extra special place in my heart. You may already know that Rene and I have our special song... like most couples do. Ours is All the way, made famous by Mr. Frank Sinatra. You can imagine what a great honor and thrill it was for me to be able to record this song with the amazing voice of Mr. Sinatra. What he gave to music will always be timeless... and I feel privileged to be able to pay him a tribute in my own little way. All the way... sums up the way my husband and I feel about each other, and in a different way it describes a feeling that I have when I think about all the love and support that's been given to me by many dedicated people who have made all of this incredible journey possible." The original version by Frank Sinatra is the theme song from 'The Joker Is Wild' and won the Oscar of the Best Song in 1958.


(For the one I love) It is an adaptation in English of the French song Vivre, first perfomed by Noa and then by Hélène Séguara in the musical Notre-Dame De Paris. "When Céline came and watched 'Notre-Dame de Paris' last year at the Palais des Congrès (Paris, December 1998), Luc Plamondon tells, she asked me to sit by her side... - Frankly, Céline adds, I was so touched by 'Notre-Dame de Paris'. I cried a lot that night... I was looking for tissues, it was very thrilling and when I heard Vivre, in my ear, Luc whispered "We thought about you when we wrote it", there, I was looking for tissues twice as much... and it hadn't been hard for Luc to convince me to do it in English version..."

If you asked me to

Pattie Labelle originally recorded it for James Bond's movie Licence to kill.

Think twice

In 1995, British fans took extremely well to Think Twice, a ballad on The Colour Of My Love. For five consecutive weeks, the song and the album stood on top of the respective British charts, an achievement not replicated since 1965 and the heyday of The Beatles. Think Twice remained at number one for two more weeks, surpassing the magic million mark to become only the fourth million-selling single ever in the UK by a female artist.

Falling into you

"I was not satisfied with the first recording we made with the song Falling into you, Celine admits. This is a song with many nuances, with half-tones. I found the arrangements were too violent, my voice didn't flow enough. Everybody, however, the technicians, the authors, even David and Rene, seemed satisfied. I said nothing. But Rene felt that I wasn't happy... He asked me what was wrong. I explained it to him. He seemed surprised. Then I hummed him Falling into you describing after every time the arrangements which I was imagining. He quickly agreed with me. He seemed amazed, as if he just discovered something... I called the director and the engineer to explain how I was feeling my song, what kind of changes. They all agreed and were happy, they said it to me... This song marked a step of my emancipation as an artist... I was becoming a mature, grown-up, autonomous artist... So we came back in studio and we recorded Falling into you again. It never became a big song for the stage; it is too sweet, too subtle to move a crowd. But it is, in my opinion, one of the thrillest song on the album Falling Into You. And I love the lyrics." Marie Claire D'Ubaldo originally recorded it.

All by myself

For the recording of the album Falling Into You, David Foster asked to Celine to do a remake of "All by myself". "David informed me that he changed the orchestrations of the last part of the song, Celine tells. I had to sing a little higher, until a F# that almost reached the limit of my voice. The worst was that he wanted me to hold this note during several seconds... I knew that I couldn't do it more than two recordings without risking to break my voice. The day of the recording, Rene and I quarrelled, for a mere trifle... He decided not to acompany me to the studio. I left all by myself, to the Record Plant (in Los Angeles), where I found a rather cold, condescending, almost contemptuous David Foster... While the technicians were finishing to put the orchestra tracks, I was going around in circles. I think that David was delaying everything on purpose... At one point, innocently, he told me: "If you don't manage... I could ask it to Whitney". Whitney Houston was recording on this day in the nearby studio... I did not say a word... I sang "All by myself" with all my strength, with all my soul. When I came to the time to climb towards the F#, I put my voice at maximum, until it was hurting, and I held the note a very long time, without weakening. When I finished, the musicians on the other side of the glass were standing to applause. I left without greeting David Foster...I was thinking of Rene. I was looking for the reason of our fight. And suddenly, I understood... He put once again the difficulty harder to give me new challenges, to force me to surpass myself." Now, Celine speaks about the impact of this song when she sings it on stage: "Before, people did not expect this note, she says, and when I was doing it, they were surprised, amazed or not, but they did not expect this note... And now they expect this note, and there is a silence which moves me, and which paralyses me, it's incredible! And then, I say to myself, "well, I can't leave them now", so, there is a hand inside me, this performer who loves singing, who's saying to me "go girl, do your note, make them happy, do it right!" Eric Carmen originally recorded it.


(Featuring "The BeeGees") The Bee Gees, kings of Disco in 70s, gave to Celine the song Immortality. When they heard the recording of their ballad where they acompany their "muse" in the choirs, they were so happy and thrilled that they cried : "In the evening when we came in studio, it was the first time when we heard her sing the song and it completely amazed everybody. When you are a composer and when that arrives at you with an extraordinary voice, as Céline, it is indescribable, exciting! It is an evening that we are not ready to forget." - The Beegees The lyrics speak about an eternal love, an only love which will never fade and always remain deep inside the heart.

"It's a new album with a best-of because I'd like to take a long rest but however, I don't want to only bang the door and leave, without saying goodbye, and without offering something, so I make two gifts!"
"This album reflects many of the highlights that I've enjoyed throughout my English-language recording career, Celine reveals. The familiar songs are ones that have become the biggest favorites among the fans. Song that people know me for... song that recognize the past. The new songs are ones that I received this year (1999) and felt very excited about recording and including on this particular album. In a way, the new songs represent the present and future."

Did you know that? Run like a river and Would I know are two songs written by Diane Warren which originally had to be on the album All the way as the first list revealed by Sony Music indicated it. However these songs were finally removed to make place for the song Then you look at me.