Céline…Une seule fois / Live 2013

On July 27, 2013, Céline gave a unique concert in her native region in Quebec, on the Plains of Abraham. This is the second time that she performed on this stage since 2008. The CD / DVD "Une Seule Fois / Live 2013" is released on May 16, 2014.

It is in early April 2013 that a press release announced the arrival of Céline Dion on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec, with a mostly French-speaking concert.

The concert is captured by the teams of Julie Snyder, of Production J. It is Jean-Marc Couture who is responsible for the first part of this evening.

Did you know ?

"Ce n'était qu'une rêve" was played in the introduction, and "Rolling In The Deep" and "The Prayer" were not performed, contrary to the initial songlist. unveiled some time before the concert.

Out of respect for the victims of the train derailment in Lac Mégantic, the song "Regarde-moi" was not played, because the lyrics refer to a train losing control.

As a gift for the fans, Celine sings for the very first time, "Loved Me Back To Life" at the end of the concert.