One Heart

The album was released on March 25, 2003 in the world and the March 26, 2003 in North America.

I drove all night

The recording of this classic by Céline was produced by Peer Astrom and Vito Luprano. The original version is recorded by Cindy Lauper on her album A night to remember aired in 1989. A version by Roy Orbison, of whom the song was originally aimed, is aired in 1992.

Love is all we need

(Rami / Max Martin) She was living in a perfect house With pictures of smiling faces But there's a different story told inside Underneath it all With the sunglasses and makeup on Blaming the stairs at Macy's They all knew... (No one even ask; is something wrong?) So they wait Now she's gone... I don't […]


(Rami / Max Martin) Don't be afraid To feel this way I'm gonna make you understand It's not about you Cuz I am the fool Building castles in the sand If I act crazy Just don't care It doesn't mean I don't want you near This is the story about me and you And it's […]

In his touch

(Rami / Max Martin) Forgive me Don't know where to start I guess we've come to The serious part I need to find out If there is a chance For us... Don't give me that same old look You won't win me over Don't give me that same old speech You don't have to speak […]

Stand by your side

(Paul Barry, Mark Taylor) I cry and you comfort me I'm lost and you hear my scream So it's hard to watch you falling When you run so deep in me You live in me Gonna stand by your side now Let me kiss all your tears away You can stay in my arms now […]


(Anders Bagge / Peer Astrom, Troy Verges) Under this midnight sky With you here by my side There's nothing that I could hide You know me better than anybody else All of myself revealed There's nothing I could conceal My soul is yours to steal Take me wherever you want to baby Baby I'm naked […]

Sorry for love (2003 version)

(Anders Bagge / Peer Astrom, Arnthor Birgisson, Kara DioGuardi) Forgive me for the things that I never said to you Forgive me for not knowing the right words to say to prove That I will always be devoted to you and me And if you can't feel that in my love Then I'm sorry for […]


(Greg Wells / Cathy Dennis) In a never ending circle I've been sheltering a dream I could climb over a rainbow To a place I haven't been Never felt this way before Trusting you I feel so sure Now we are behind closed doors The way you make me feel Reveal What we do in […]

Forget me not

(Guy Roche / Shelley Peiken) Forget me not Baby baby As I rock you gently Right here in my arms I promise to always Be here for you Keep you safe and warm Sometimes in the middle of the night I wake up cryin' when I think of how long It took to find you […]

I know what love is

(Ric Wake, Arnie Roman) I was forgotten Until you called my name Lost in the shadows Until you shined your light my way Now I believe again In all my dreams again Wide eyed and innocent Those doubting days Are so far away and oh I will fall And you will catch me always Time […]

Je t'aime encore

(J. Kapler / Jean-Jacques Goldman) Here the autumn ends bringing back the rain The old Chevy's dead they tried to fix it in vain Elisa's got her first teeth, little Jimmy is getting strong I'm learning guitar I almost know a song I've found some chanterelle at the market this morning I'd like to live […]