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Show some emotion

(Andrew M. Gold, Greg Prestopino, Brock Walsh) I've tried my best for so long To break down these walls But you build them strong So I stand here waiting, wondering why Oh why Why you don't give a little bit Break down and give a little bit Show, show some emotion Open, open your heart, […]

If you could see me now

(Walter Afanasieff / John Bettis) Here they come Ev'ry night the same Silent stars Light from a distant flame Just like the memories of you That I hold inside I see you touch But all the warmth has died Empty rooms Crowded by the past Time is my enemy Days keep moving faster But the […]

If I were you

(Arnie Roman / Shelley Peiken) She can feel you Drifting far away But she can't see through What you do not say Take a step back Don't lose your ground Remember how you felt before And if you care about her Show her that you're sure If I were you My prized possessions Would be […]

I love you, goodbye

(Diane Warren) Wish I could be the one The one who could give you love The kind of love you really need Wish I could say to you That I'll always stay with you But baby that's not me You need someone willing to give their heart and soul to you Promise you forever, baby […]

Little bit of love

(Claude Gaudette / Alan Scott) A little bit of love Can go a long way sometimes Look at you baby The picture of a broken man Your confidence is shaken The world caved in on you again But I know what to do to ease the pain And bring you back to life again . […]