Category: Year 1990

The 12nd Adisq gala (Quebec)

On October 21, 1990, Celine Dion took part in the 12nd Adisq Gala. There, she refused the Felix for the "English-speaking singer of the year" (Artiste anglophone de l'année) because she was French Canadian. She proposed a new category "Most Renowned French Canadian Artist Worldwide" (Artiste québécois s'étant le plus illustré à l'international), which was […]

'Tonight show' (USA)

On September 21, 1990, Celine Dion participated for the very first time on american television in Jay Leno's Tonight Show. Phil Collins was also there. Celine performed the song "Where does my heart beat now".

Taping "Ad Lib" (Québec)

In April 1990, Celine Dion taped the tv show "Ad Lib" hosted by Jean-Pierre Coallier, in Quebec, Canada. Celine performed: "(If there was) Any Other Way" a medley with her musical director, Claure "Mego" Lemay "Where does my heart beat now" During the show, Bill Rotary, president of CBS Canada, presented Celine with a gold […]