Tracklist A new day has come

I'm alive

(Theme song in "Stuart Little II") From the team that wrote That's The Way It Is, this is one of the lighter moments on the set A New Day Has Come; the rhythm is particularly stimulating.
"It's cute, it's fun, it's fresh, Céline offers. You don't have to listen to the lyric to enjoy it."

Rain, tax (It's inevitable)

"This time, Dion says, composers dared to send me different things.
I'm satisfied. It's not because I don't want to try things, it's that no one send it to
me, just some hard ballads to sing... As Celine can! But there, they sent to me Rain, Tax, it is very different
for me, and it's refreshing".

Ten days

This is an English adaptation of the song Tomber by French Gérald de Palmas.

"The album was finished, Dion explains, I had recorded twenty-seven songs, it was necessary
to cut ten songs as it was... It was in December, we were in Montreal. And there, I watch a french tv special about Garou,
I see an extraordinary fellow who is called Gerald De Palmas...I fell, it
is the case to say it, under the shock of this melody of the song Tomber.

"There, I say myself : I want a song like that, I want me to imagine that I am a part of a band, that
I play the guitar...

Rene says to me :

"It is not possible, we have already too many songs.

- Listen, I say to him, that, it will be my gift of the album, can we give it a try at least?

- Yes, it is ok but I do not know Gerald De Palmas.

- Call Jean-Jacques Goldman, ask him for Gerald De Palmas' number, I am sure that they know each other well...
And then we are going to ask to Aldo Nova to make the translation of the song..."

Finally, one thing leading to another, it arrived, Aldo Nova's adaptation perfectly stuck phonetically,
I call Gerald De Palmas :

"I would like to work with you... Your song Tomber, I love it! Do you want to make this song for me two tones higher?"

We sent for Gerald to the studio in Florida - it was his first journey in the United States, he could not get over it and
he expected to see Spielberg, E.T. or Mickey Mouse! - and we asked him to realize the adaptation of his piece."

Goodbye's (The saddest word)

This devastatingly emotional ballad speaks about the absolute love between a child and her mother. Shania Twain does the background vocals.
Céline first heard the Robert John "Mutt" Lange song three years ago and turn it down.
"Now, being a mother, I found the strenght to sing it, she says, but it was hard."
Its lesson?
"Never wait too long to tell someone how you feel."

I surrender

It is the album A New Day Has Come's bombastic, heart pounding, produced by David Foster

"It's big, my gosh, Céline says with a laugh, I always need one of these!"

She sings to forbidden love amid a firestorm of utterly volcanic instrumentation.

At last

"I can see beginning my show and looking into everyone's eyes and singing this song,
Céline says. This is my hello."

The song is simple garnished with fiddle, and a vocal that sounds ike it was captured from the church

Glenn Miller and his Orchestra originate the instrumental version in 1941, for the film Sun Valley Serenade.
The original version with voice, sung by Ray Eberle and Pat Friday, is recorded in 1942 by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra
for the film Orchestra Wives. Etta James' version

, which is the most popular, is recorded in August, 1960, in Chicago for her album entitled At Last.