Tracklist Miracle

If I could

"I'd like to dedicate this next song (If I could, Celine reveals in her show A New Day..., to my son, Rene-Charles, and to all the children and parents of the world."
The song If I Could was originally recorded by Ray Charles on his My World album in 1993. Barbra Streisand also included the song on her Higher Ground album in 1997.

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Sleep tight

(Richard Page, Jon Lind, John Lang) Now hush My little one Don't be afraid Your daddy's right here It's just A little dream And now it's gone There's nothing to fear So close your eyes I'll sing a sweet lullaby Lay your head close to my heart (Chorus) And sleep tight The angels hover over

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My precious one

(Peer Astrom & Stephanie Bentley) My precious one, my tiny one Lay down your pretty head My dearest one, my sleepy one It's time to go to bed My precious one, my darling one Don't let your lashes weep My cherished one, my weary one It's time to go to sleep Just bow your head

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The prayer (A mother's prayer)

(solo) (Theme song in "Quest For Camelot") Celine Dion originally performed this song in solo for Quest For Camelot, Warner Bros' first full-length, fully-animated feature, released in 1998. She provided the singing voice of the character Lady Juliana (speaking voice by Jane Seymour) and sang The prayer. Celine's version of The prayer as well as a separate Italian version performed by Andrea Bocelli are featured in the film's soundtrack.
A duet of this song between Celine and Andrea Boccelli appears on Celine's These Are Special Times and The Collector's Series Vol. 1 as well as Andrea Bocelli's Sogno.
At last, for the album Miracle, Celine Dion recorded a new studio version of this song in solo then entitled A mother's prayer.

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The first time ever I saw your face

"When we did this next song on my special last year, Celine tells in 1999, everybody loved it so much that I recorded it for a new album (All The Way... A Decade Of Song), and it's a song I really love singing very much because it's a beautiful lyric, but most of all, because of the spectacular singer who originally recorded it. Tonight I'd like to dedicated it to her: Roberta Flack."
Peter, Paul and Mary originally performed this song in 1965. This classic Ewen MacColl ballad became a No.1 hit for Roberta Flack in 1972. David Foster's sensitive production and orchestration frame one of Celine's finest vocal performances.

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Come to me

Here is an extract from an article from the Sun Country in March 2004, about Beverley Mahood:

"(...) She fine-tuned her craft so well that when she sent her song Come to me (co-written by fellow Canuck Thomas Wade) to Foster for a listen, he asked if he could pass it on to Celine Dion.

'Right now she's cutting it for her new lullaby album. I can't do any better than that,' Mahood tells Sun Country..."

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