Tracklist Miracle

Beautiful Boy

(Darling Boy) David Foster is the producer of the album Miracle.

Here is an extract of his interview from the Sunday Times in August 2004 :

"(...) For the next half-hour, Foster has his elbows resting against the mixing
board, eyes closed, his nose buried into the speakers. He is listening to
a new arrangement of Celine Dion singing John Lennon's Beautiful Boy.
Again and again the chorus is played. Foster closes his eyes. The vocal
washes over him. When the track stops he says, almost unconsciously:
'There's a steel drum lick in the middle of the last chorus...' "

Je lui dirai

"Yes, Celine tells about the relation between her son Rene-Charles and this song from the album 1 Fille & 4 Types, it is about her grandfather, it also says that with the blood which runs from Orient through Rene, and with his grandfather who was a lumberjack, when we mix all of this, well, it makes a extraordinary child! It is what we think, at least I do!"
The idea of the musical theme was born on March 17, 2002, during a TV special where Jean-Jacques Goldman was invited. He performed there his lively folk dance Tournent les violons ; the host, then asked him,
Flavie Flament : If you would have to write for Celine again and with a lively folk dance, which one would it be?
Jean-Jacques Goldman : Every dance...
Celine Dion : This one, I would like to have it!
JJG : Well, ok, we will do a three-time dance... This one was a tarentella...
FF : So, the appointment is arranged!
CD : I love this! Yes! (laugh)