Video shoot for 'Qui peut vivre sans amour ?'

On March 18, 2013, Celine Dion shot the music video for the song '', from her album 'Sans Attendre', in Las Vegas, Nevada. The music video was directed by Thierry Vergnes.

This song is about the contradiction between love and pain. Director Thierry Vergnes explains how this theme is shown in the video: “For the video, we decided to illustrate the emotion of love with a pair of dancers. Every time there is a feeling, an emotion of love we show it with the dancers' movements. There can be repulsion, jealousy, intense love, or dreams; all of these elements are illustrated with choreographic movements.” Thierry also shares what it's like working with Celine on set: “It's an immense pleasure directing Celine. She is flexible, always smiling and always cheerful. It's really cool working with her. I hope to repeat the experience one day.”