Unison video

Celine touches the heart and moves the spirit with her first home video collection Unison, featuring a never before used version of Calling you, a previously unreleased version of her breakthrough hit Where does my heart beat now, plus exclusive interviews with Celine at her home. Already the most acclaimed new pop voice of the year in America, the success of Unison propelled her to major stardom on the world stage. The video is available in english and french.

"There are people who ask me: "Don't you feel hard, sometimes, to be known?... You can't have a private life." And all of this... But I realize so much that you cannot have everything. You cannot ask people to buy your discs, to come and see your shows, to be 'Sold Out' everywhere, to have a beautiful Gold disc and, at the same time, to ask this people to leave you alone, to have a private life. For me, my private life and my singer life, it is everytime the same thing. When people will stop asking me for autographs or for photos, I will begin to wonder... I want this people to be near me, I NEED THEM TOO... " - Celine Dion (extract from the videotape)

(If there was) Any other way

Two different music videos were filmed for this song. The first version was filmed in April 1990 in New Orleans, Lousiana, USA.


It is a french cover of E.G. Daily's Love In The Shadows.

Have a heart

Céline sang Have a heart for the first time at the Juno Awards on November 2, 1987. The song, especially for the event, is an adaptation from the song Partout je te vois which can be found on the album Incognito. Then the song Have a heart had been recorded in studio for the album Unison.

Calling you

During a show, Céline sang the song Calling you, written by Bob Telson for the movie Bagdad Café in 1988. The song first had been recorded and sung by Bob Telson and Jevetta Steele, these two versions are on the sound track from the movie Bagdad Café. Céline's live version can be found on the album Céline Dion à l'Olympia.


Unison is a new version of a song which first had been recorded as theme song in the movie All The Right Moves with Tom Cruise. The original version, recorded by Junior, can be found on the sound track from the movie.