Let's talk about love

The album was released worldwide on November 18, 1997. This day, Céline celebrates its release by visiting Rosie O'Donnell's american talk show.
It was recorded in London, Los Angeles and New York troughout 1997. It is Céline's fifth album in english. However it contains one spanish song, Amar haciendo el amor.
The album contains duets with Barbra Streisand and Luciano Pavarotti, and the most played song on radio, My heart will go on.
Originally called The Reason, from the first piece of the album, the title changed because of copyright problems with Carole King. So, it was called Let's Talk About Love because Céline loves this song.

The reason

It is a collaboration between Celine Dion, songwriter Carole King, and legendary Beatles producer, Sir George Martin. In addition to writing the song, Carole King also played the piano and sang the chorus on the track.


(Featuring "The BeeGees") The Bee Gees, kings of Disco in 70s, gave to Celine the song Immortality. When they heard the recording of their ballad where they acompany their "muse" in the choirs, they were so happy and thrilled that they cried : "In the evening when we came in studio, it was the first time when we heard her sing the song and it completely amazed everybody. When you are a composer and when that arrives at you with an extraordinary voice, as Céline, it is indescribable, exciting! It is an evening that we are not ready to forget." - The Beegees The lyrics speak about an eternal love, an only love which will never fade and always remain deep inside the heart.

Treat her like a lady

(Diana King, Andy Marvel / Billy Mann, Celine Dion) All the girl could want was a little attention From a man who's strong and not to mention Kiss and caressing her all night long But all that boy wants is to hit and run off He and his friends-they sit and they laugh Going around […]

Why oh why

(Marti Sharron / Danny Sambello) Don't you know that your my reason For my love, my life, my being So secure and so damn sure my Heart would surely die without you I tried to swallow my pride But I felt my heart start to tremble inside Wish I didn't know cause I can't let […]

Love is on the way

(Denise Rich, Tina Shafer / Peter Zizzo) Waking up alone In a room that still reminds me My heart has got to learn to forget Starting on my own With every breath I'm getting stronger This is not the time for regret Cause I don't need to hang on to heartbreak When there's so much […]

Tell him

(Duet with Barbra Streisand) This stunning duet with Barbra Streisand, born of the two singers' initial meeting at the 1997 Academy Awards is the first single from Let's Talk About Love.

When I need you

It is a cover from the classical ballad recorded by Leo Sayer, for his album 'Endless Night', released in 1976.

Miles to go (Before I sleep)

(Corey Hart) I would walk to the edge of the universe for you Paint you a crimson sunset over sheltering skies I could learn all the world dialects for you Whisper sonnets in your ear discovering truth I could never worship pagan gods around me I will only follow the path that leads me to […]


(Billy Pace) I want to know why You're letting this die Without the blink of an eye You say that you need time I say you'll be fine If you would only see Like you did before You became imprisoned Can I reopen the door You say it doesn't matter Then tell me what does […]

Just a little bit of love

(Arthur Jacobson, Arnie Roman / Maria Christensen) I was alone, I was afraid I couldn't face another day of pain in my life oh oh oh I called your name and you were there Just like an answer to a prayer You made it all right oh yeah So I give my heart And I […]

My heart will go on

(Theme song in "Titanic") "In April (1997), Celine remembers, composer James Horner came to Las Vegas and proposed a project to Rene : 'I'm writing the music for a movie about the Titanic'. The three of us met in a suite of the Caesar's Palace. Horner played My Heart Will Go On on the piano. On his back, I was making signs to Rene, pouts, I was looking sternly at him, so that he understood I didn't want this song : I really didn't want to record it. First, I didn't like the song, he couldn't sing right, it wasn't really alright on the piano at the moment, I had already performed several songs for movies, one more? We wanted to take a break, another project? More especially as director James Cameron didn't want any songs for his movie. We weren't in the middle of the song that Rene was pretending not to understand me. When Horner turned towards us, he said : 'In one month, we will be in New York, at the Hit Factory, where Celine records her new album Let's Talk About Love. If you give us an orchestral track, she could make a model, then Cameron could listen to it. It would be, I think, the best way to convince him.'" "One month later, James Horner was at the Hit Factory in New York with his orchestral track. He told me with many details the story of the movie. I began to feel the atmosphere of the movie... There is a scene with a couple of old people who are hugging, who are seeing the water come in from under the door and who are deciding to go to bed, and who are going to die together... And there is also a mother who is singing lullabies to her children, and she knows that they're all going to die... And then I imagined it. And on that day, I wasn't totally in top shape vocally and usually I don't take caffeine when I sing, but here it was a model 'no things to worry' so I took a black coffee with two sugars... Then I sang, there were all the Sony team, Tommy Mottola, John Doelp, Vito Luprano... Everybody knew, since the first take, that we had a big hit." "But the model, the coffee and the two sugars remained the original, I never recorded the song again : the model is on the disc. They built the orchestration with my voice... I never recorded it again, so much so that the tremolo is faster on the song than on stage, than usual, because of the caffeine."

Where is the love

(Corey Hart) If ever a boy stood on the moon All the heavens would call them angels 'round Stop the tears from troubled sky's... from Falling... falling... falling If ever the river could whisper your name, Would the choices you made still be the same? Like a flower that dies from angry rain, Why do […]

I hate you then I love you

(Duet with Luciano Pavarotti) It is the adaptation of the italian original version Grande, Grande, Grande sung by Mina Mazzini. There was a first english version , Never, Never, Never recorded by Shirley Bassey in 1973 but the text has been modified and with a new title for Céline et Luciano Pavarotti's version. They sang this song at the concert 'Pavarotti and Friends For the Children of Liberia' in 1998.

Let's talk about love

The original version of this song, Puisque tu pars, was written in the 80s by French Jean-Jacques Goldman. The writter of the english lyrics is Bryan Adams.

Amar haciendo el amor

It is a spanish adaptation of the song You Only Love Once recorded by Billy Mann on his titled album aired in 1996.

Be the man

(David Foster / Junior Miles) I would fight not to ever fall too deep Never sure that love would grow Now at night as I lay me down to sleep I could never let you go And lying here with you, I still can't believe it's true Never thought that I would ever find a […]

To love you more

"A few years ago, when I was touring in Japan, Celine tells, I met an incredible young violonist: his name is Taro Hakase, and we have recorded this next song together." To love you more was the theme song for a popular Japanese drama series.