Tracklist Au coeur du stade

Let's talk about love

The original version of this song, Puisque tu pars, was written in the 80s by French Jean-Jacques Goldman. The writter of the english lyrics is Bryan Adams.

Merci à la Maîtrise des Hauts de Seine!

Dans un autre monde

With this track, it is the action, the change, the travel. Celine is beating and powerful. The guitar is less used to leave more place with the keyboard and the percussions which revitalize the piece.

Je sais pas

This song speaks about a woman who couldn't imagine her life without her man, like Celine with Rene. We can remember that during the concert at the Stade de France in 1999, Celine was crying singing it, as we just learnt about Rene's cancer.

Bonsoir Paris, vous allez bien? Vous avez l'air en forme ce soir! Cela me fait tellement plaisir de vous voir. C'est tellement extraordinaire d'être ici ce soir. Au Stade de France, à Paris, c'est extraordinaire! Vous êtes vraiment vraiment chanceux d'avoir un endroit pareil! Et puis-je vous dire quelquechose? Si c'était vous qui étiez ici …

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Je crois toi

This sweet song is about trust. Celine's soft voice is full of emotion and sincerity.


Here is an up-tempo track with an acoustic guitar. Celine performs with power and hardness Erick
Benzi's song.

J'irai où tu iras

(Duet with Jean-Jacques Goldman) This is an up-tempo song with flights of voice which reveals Celine's energy.

Jean-Jacques Goldman : Bonsoir! Céline Dion : Bonsoir mon amour! Ça va bien? Je peux t'embrasser? JJG : Moi je voudrais te dire, de notre part à tous, à quel point on est heureux que tu ais pu venir, je voudrais te dire comme on est heureux de pouvoir t'entendre et s'il y avait quelquechose …

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S'il suffisait d'aimer

The music and the voice are sweet and soothing.
"When Jean-Jacques sang in front of us 'S'il suffisait d'aimer', Celine tells, Rene and I, we cried like babies."
"If there were one track to choose on this album, Celine reveals, it would be without hesitating, 'S'il suffisait d'aimer'... because for me, it's like 'Quand on n'a que l'amour' by Brel, it's strong."
"Sometimes, Celine follows, the technique is perfect and the emotion is not there, so well it's not really good, we have to coordinate both at the same time, it's difficult, but I think I almost managed with 'S'il suffisait d'aimer'."