Tracklist Live à Paris


The memories of past emotions meet new emotions, breaking the life peace, as with the passage of a peaceful childhood to a more animated adult life. Celine was waiting for someone (Rene) who could make her dream of singing come true.

J'attendais, et vous êtes venus!


This song reveals Celine's life, it is a kind of a mini-biography of her career as a international singer.

The power of love

First single from Celine's album The Colour Of My Love, Jennifer Rush, who co-wrote the song, originally performed this song in 1984.


The rhythm becomes harder with every second and the woman can't accept her man's tiredness.

Je voudrais mentionner que c'est une très très grande chanson de Luc Plamondon et de Michel Berger. J'ai eu beaucoup de chance depuis le tout début de ma carrière parce que j'ai travaillé avec de très grands auteurs et compositeurs qui m'ont amenée jusqu'à vous, et... Eh bien justement, justement je voulais en glisser un …

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Les derniers seront les premiers

At first sight, the lyrics seem sad... However they are optimistic: whatever your misery, one day it will be reversed.
Celine loves this song; she worries about those who are in the need, she sends them this message of hope.

J'irai où tu iras

(Duet with Jean-Jacques Goldman) This is an up-tempo song with flights of voice which reveals Celine's energy.