Alain Sylvestre, Linda Dion, René-Charles Angélil, Céline Dion, René Angélil (Source: Le Journal de Montréal)

Linda Dion

Thérèse Dion's 90th Birthday

On March 20, 2017, Celine Dion celebrated her mother Thérèse's 90th birthday, in Las Vegas. She was born on March 20, 1927. All the family came for the special occasion.

Celine Dion Supports Opportunity Village

On November 26, 2014, Celine Dion showed her support for Opportunity Village, by attending its biggest fundraiser, Magical Forest, in Las Vegas. Opportunity Village is a non-profit organization serving people with intellectual disabilities in Southern Nevada. With her donation, she will touch the lives of thousands of people with disabilities and their families. Celine Dion’s …

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Linda's birthday party (Quebec)

On June 23, 2009, Celine Dion took part in her sister Linda's birthday party, at her golf club Le Mirage in Terrebonne near Montreal, Quebec. During the party Celine performed the song "All the way" in duet with Michel Comeau. As Monsieur Comeau wrote that was a premiere for Celine to sing this song with …

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Gala 'Simplement Marnay' (Quebec)

On Wednesday July 9, 2003, in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, Celine Dion took part at the gala event Simplement Marnay honouring songwriter Eddy Marnay, who passed away on January 3, 2003. "It is such a pleasure to be here, to be received like this", Céline Dion said upon her arrival at the Maison de la culture …

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Celine's 30th birthday (Quebec)

On March 30, 1998, Celine Dion celebrated her 30th birthday in Montreal, Quebec. Celine's family and friends surprised her with a disco party! After arriving at the extravagant event, Celine quickly changed her outfit in order to fit in with the sequin and boa-clad crowd. The party proved true to tour-tradition as Celine even received …

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These Are Special Times

The album was released worldwide on November 3rd, 1998. It took only nine days for Celine to record it in Miami! Directed by David Foster and Ric Wake, the album features sixteen traditional and modern tracks. Among them, six pieces are original. Celine sings in english, french, spanish, latin and italian!