On Ne Change Pas

The compilation releases on October 3, 2005.
It features many re-mastered songs on a double CD. It includes some big hits as D'amour ou d'amitié, Ziggy, Pour que tu m'aimes encore, S'il suffisait d'aimer, Sous le vent and four new songs, as Je ne vous oublie pas and I believe in you, a duet with the group Il Divo.

There are two versions of this compilation, each with or without DVD, one for Canada and one for Europe, which don't feature the same tracklist.

On November 21, 2005, a third edition, a Long Box package entitled "L'intégrale", is released. It includes 3 CDs and 1 DVD. It features all the songs from the french and canadian version released on October 3 (except J'irais où tu iras et On traverse un mirroir), plus 9 other songs, so 50 songs in total.

The DVD includes the music video Je ne vous oublie pas and a 30-minutes video "Si Céline m'était contée".

Je ne vous oublie pas

This song is the first single from Celine Dion's French-language compilation, entitled On ne change pas.

Tous les secrets

This song was released as a promotional radio single in Poland.
Moreover, it will be part of the soundtrack for the animated movie Asterix et les Vikings. The french movie is set to be released in France and Belgium on April 12, 2006.

Pour que tu m'aimes encore

It is Celine's favorite song on the album D'Eux. Jean-Jacques Goldman wrote it late in 1994.
"Pour que tu m'aimes encore, Celine tells, the first song heard, the first recorded, at once reminded me L'hymne à l'amour by Edith Piaf. The same subject, the same structure, the same woman consumed by love. It is a hymn to wild, possessed, possessive, definitive love, as mine... We knew while we were recording that now it will be part of my life."

S'il suffisait d'aimer

The music and the voice are sweet and soothing.
"When Jean-Jacques sang in front of us 'S'il suffisait d'aimer', Celine tells, Rene and I, we cried like babies."
"If there were one track to choose on this album, Celine reveals, it would be without hesitating, 'S'il suffisait d'aimer'... because for me, it's like 'Quand on n'a que l'amour' by Brel, it's strong."
"Sometimes, Celine follows, the technique is perfect and the emotion is not there, so well it's not really good, we have to coordinate both at the same time, it's difficult, but I think I almost managed with 'S'il suffisait d'aimer'."

Sous le vent

(Duet with Garou) (2001) Céline sang the song Sous le vent with Garou on his album 'Seul'.

Tout l'or des hommes

"Of course I'm a passionate girl and the people around me is very important, Celine reveals. For exemple, this is what the song Tout l'or des hommes says. Everything I do, traveling round the world, having money, maybe is important, but the main point is having the people you love around you. There is always a part of me which well stands rooted to the spot. My head floats in the clouds but my feet well stand rooted to the earth! 'All the gold in the world, is nothing if you are far from me - All the love in the world is not worth anything anymore, so above all don't change', I love you just like this, I love you for your real worthes."
"It is a song, Jacques Veneruso tells, which came out when I thought about her, yes she is an international star, she have all what we call wealth, but the most important is the human worth and the relation with the others."
First extract from the album 1 Fille & 4 Types, on radio since August 27, the single Tout l'or des hommes releases on October 06, 2003.
The video for Tout l'or des hommes, a road movie conceived by Céline herself, has been shot early in May 2003 in Nevada desert under Yannick Saillet's direction who had already directed the video for Zora sourit. Céline appears as a singer of a group which travels with the hapiness which their music brings them.

Je sais pas

This song speaks about a woman who couldn't imagine her life without her man, like Celine with Rene. We can remember that during the concert at the Stade de France in 1999, Celine was crying singing it, as we just learnt about Rene's cancer.

On ne change pas

Celine's voice is soft, full of indulgence and a little homesicknessly.
"I, Celine admits, I think that people don't really change, and when Jean-Jacques presented me this song, I was very thrilled, because, every day, when I travel, when I'm on stage, when I make up, when I put high heels, when I tape a show, it's sure that there's always that "thin little girl" who comes from Charlemagne, who is shy but who wonders, who wants to travel the world, but she's lean and quite fragile... She's there every time."
"Our childhood is full of feelings and sometimes it's hard, but singing it, it's wonderful!"

Dans un autre monde

With this track, it is the action, the change, the travel. Celine is beating and powerful. The guitar is less used to leave more place with the keyboard and the percussions which revitalize the piece.

L'amour existe encore

Celine covered in Spanish version this song which talks about AIDS, Aún existe amor, on her album A New Day Has Come.

J'irai où tu iras

(Duet with Jean-Jacques Goldman) This is an up-tempo song with flights of voice which reveals Celine's energy.

Je t'aime encore (Version française)

Céline also sang an english version of this song on her One Heart album.
"I'm near her, Jean-Jacques Goldman reveals about the studio version from the album 1 Fille & 4 Types, and I tell her sentences by sentences... so I tell her "tadadadada" and she does "tadada..." at once after... Well, its happens that then it is this voice we kept so there was a huge work to remove me, my voice, or my whisperings just before... and, if you listen well the very beginning of the song, we still hear a little bit my voice before, so this song, she sings it while she entirely discovers it!"
Note that Nadia Comaneci, whom Celine has always admired very much, appears on the videoclip, as well as Miss Quebec 2003 Marie-Andree Poulin.


"The day after my last concert at the Olympia (September 1994), Celine tells, Jean-Jacques Goldman sent me the demo of a song entitled Vole... Vole could be the continuation of Mélanie which Eddy Marnay wrote for me a few years ago; a song I dedicated to my little Karine, died the previous spring."
"I think that singing this song, Celine explains, shows to people that, someday, we loose people we love -we too- we seem to be somebody else everytime when we are on TV, but in real life, it touches us, it hurts us, so singing it, it helps us a lot, and we say to ourselves while we sing it : 'maybe somebody who is in the room is loosing someone at the moment and maybe it will help him to go through these difficult moments' because, for me, it helped me a lot."

Je lui dirai

"Yes, Celine tells about the relation between her son Rene-Charles and this song from the album 1 Fille & 4 Types, it is about her grandfather, it also says that with the blood which runs from Orient through Rene, and with his grandfather who was a lumberjack, when we mix all of this, well, it makes a extraordinary child! It is what we think, at least I do!"
The idea of the musical theme was born on March 17, 2002, during a TV special where Jean-Jacques Goldman was invited. He performed there his lively folk dance Tournent les violons ; the host, then asked him,
Flavie Flament : If you would have to write for Celine again and with a lively folk dance, which one would it be?
Jean-Jacques Goldman : Every dance...
Celine Dion : This one, I would like to have it!
JJG : Well, ok, we will do a three-time dance... This one was a tarentella...
FF : So, the appointment is arranged!
CD : I love this! Yes! (laugh)

Quand on n'a que l'amour

There are two live versions of this song by Celine, one on Céline Dion À L'Olympia and the other on Live in Paris.
In 1995, Céline performed it in duet with Maurane and dedicated it to the victims of the floods in Saguenay, Quebec, Céline's native province
The original version was sung by Belgium's singer Jacques Brel who wrote the song in 1957.

I believe in you

(Duet with Il Divo) This song is also included on Il Divo's album Ancora, released worldwide in early November 2005. The swedish songwriters Per Magnusson and David Kreuger participated in the making of the song.

Le ballet

"With Le Ballet, Celine admits, it was the first time I sang Blues."
For Celine, in a way, it is a metaphor of her meeting with her audience.

Le blues du businessman

Claude Dubois originally performed this song on the rock musical Starmania.
On December 31, 1999, Celine Dion & Bruno Pelletier performed together Le blues du businessman during the concert La Dernière de Céline, at the Centre Molson in Montreal, Quebec.

Ne partez pas sans moi

On April 30, 1988, Celine won Eurovision competition in Dublin, Ireland, with the song Ne partez pas sans moi. Celine represented Switzerland for the competition.
On the same night, just before going to sleep, she dared to kiss Rene.

Zora sourit

"For me, Celine tells, Zora does not only represent Algeria but also all those women from all those countries where they just don't have the chance to be free and happy."
The lyrics puts in light the example of a woman who fights for her and for the others, who resists to the insults, who keeps her dignity in spite of the difficulties.
With her steady and frank voice, Celine expresses all these feelings, those of the revolt but also those of the hope.


This song reveals Celine's life, it is a kind of a mini-biography of her career as a international singer.

Ma Nouvelle France

(Theme song in "Nouvelle-France") (2004) On Sunday, October 3, 2004, in Las Vegas, Celine Dion recorded the theme song in the french-canadian movie Nouvelle-France which opens in theaters in Quebec on November 19.
The historic drama Nouvelle-France takes place in the middle of the XVIIIth century, as France leaves Canada.
Contacted five months earlier by the producer Richard Goudreau, Celine Dion's husband and manager Rene Angelil was impressed by the movie. Then he gave his green light so that the singer could perform the song entitled Ma Nouvelle France.

Les derniers seront les premiers

At first sight, the lyrics seem sad... However they are optimistic: whatever your misery, one day it will be reversed.
Celine loves this song; she worries about those who are in the need, she sends them this message of hope.

Ce n'était qu'un rêve

" 'Ce n'était qu'un rêve', for me, Celine Dion speaks, is frail; it is a very important moment as it started everything, the big trip, and moreover it's my mother who wrote it so it's something very emotional..."

Partout je te vois

The music, by Aldo Nova, very physical and spectacular, very exacting too, has the advantage to exploit Celine's all voice.
During the Juno Awards (Canada), and to impress english canadian audience, Vito Luprano, CBS artistic director, offered to Celine to perform Have a Heart, the english version of Partout je te vois; the album Unison features this version.


For this album, Celine has a new look, a new sound, a new team, a new disc company, so she's a new Celine Dion. It is what the song is about.

Lolita (Trop jeune pour aimer)

"I sang for the first time the lyrics from Lolita in front of Rene, Celine tells, to provoke him. I wasn't looking at him, but I was sure that he was possessed with every words and that he was upset... It was strange, a kind of declaration of chaste and unchaste love. Then we kept silent for a long while. The message was direct."
(Note that Celine and Rene were not yet in love but their love was becoming clear.)

Des mots qui sonnent

The lyrics were written especially for Celine by Luc Plamondon. The song presents a bolder sound than Celine's previous hits. Aldo Nova and Marty Simon made the music. Besides, Luc Plamondon and Aldo Nova are presents on its rock'n roll videoclip.


"I dedicate my song Mélanie to my little niece Karine and my sister Liette, as well as to all the children and parents of children attacked by an incurable disease, Céline says."

Une colombe

The song talks about a world full of peace, love and friendship.
In 1984, Céline sang Une Colombe for Pope John Paul II and thousands of people at the Olympic Stadium in Montréal, Québec.

En attendant ses pas

This romantic balad speaks about a woman hoping for her charming prince. The music is fairy and Celine's voice accompanies it softly.

La mémoire d'Abraham

There is a reference to Marek Halter's book, La Mémoire d'Abraham, talking about a Jewish family for 2000 years. It released in France in November 1983. This timeless song reminds the exiles' prayers, it addresses Abraham, the Hebrew patriarch who would be the Israelites' ancestor.
"I wrote it ten years earlier, Goldman said. I quickly realized that it wasn't for me, so then, I waited for the good interpreter."
The song evolves on a slow tempo, quite in sharpness and in thoughtlessness, elegance and sensibility.

Le monde est stone

Fabienne Thibeault originally performed this song on the rock musical Starmania.

Plus haut que moi

(Duet with Mario Pelchat) (1993) In 1993, Céline recorded the duet Plus haut que moi (Higher than me) with french canadian singer Mario Pelchat for his titled album. Plus haut que moi was written by Eddy Marnay, Ken Cummings and Mark Blatte. It is a french adaptation of Higher Ground, sung by Jennifer Rush on her album Wings Of Desire in 1989.


Here is an up-tempo track with an acoustic guitar. Celine performs with power and hardness Erick Benzi's song.


This song, written by Eddy Marnay, is extracted from the album C'est pour toi released in 1985.
"It had been put aside, Celine explains during her show at the Olympia, it didn't play on the radio... This is one of my favourite songs and it is entitled Elle."